Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010 from North Carolina!

This past week has been outstanding. The Monday after Christmas I headed down to North Carolina to chill with my good friend Reece Brown. I had planned on doing this for a long time, but finally decided to do it Sunday. No one went with me, so it was a solo drive down to Pinehurst. I woke up early Monday and ran 5 miles before I left. When I got there, me and Reece ran another 50 some minutes. We met up with a couple boys Reece met the day before, Will and Dillon. It was a good run. That night, Reece and I went to dinner at the Ironwood with a guy names Tag Leon. He is a golf pro at Talamore, the golf course Reece used to work at. He is a very cool guy. The restaurant was great, a common theme to the week.

Tuesday, we ran a couple times and helped Tag out laying hardwood floor. This was the first time I had did this type of job, and even though it was hard work, it was fun doing it with a couple cool people. Reece and I also purchased running headlamps at an amazing store called River Jacks. This is just one amazing store in downtown Southern Pines. But, the headlamps are the top of the line, Black Diamond brand, just out a couple weeks ago. This will add a whole new dimension of running for us! We used them several times throughout this week.

Wednesday was another work day at Tags. We made some good progress on the floor and it felt nice to help out, since Tag treated us to dinner twice and a free round of golf at Talamore. We ate at a place called The Green Room. Thursday was our golf day. It was cool getting VIP treatment since Reece knew everyone that worked there and Tag was the pro. Our round of golf wasn't very good but we had a memorable time on a great golf course. Thursday night, we went to dinner at a place called Mister P's with Reece's family. After that we went to a little New Years get together at Reece's friends house. There was a lot of ping pong played! At near 2 am, me and Reece welcomed the new year with a night run with our headlamps! It was fantastic.

Today is Friday, I woke up and ran while Reece did some work at Talamore. We are leaving here soon to head to Charleston, WV. We are racing the Frozen Sasquatch 25k in the morning. I cannot wait for this race! I have ran a ton of miles this week and the week before and am ready to run a nice trail race with a lot of cool people.

There were a lot of great memories on this trip. This place is really cool, especially downtown Southern Pines, and there are a ton of golf courses and nice restaurants. Every night we would do a night run with our headlamps. Most of these runs were around the reservoir. We stopped out on a little deck at a point by the lake and just chilled. It was very surreal there at night.

I can't wait for the race tomorrow and the new year to come. This semester will be great!


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