Saturday, December 26, 2009

It Came, It Went

I am sitting here just after Christmas Day, in the early morning of the 26th of December. Christmas is hyped up by everyone and everything, seems like after Memorial Day, and now it is mostly all over. All over except for all the stores that will be hounded by returns tomorrow and the week to follow! Ha, good luck dad! Even though I did very little shopping, cooking or traveling, I am tired and wore out from the holidays. It has been a good Christmas, I am very blessed by the family I have and all the love they show. I always receive more gifts than I need or ask for and I am very grateful for it all. Thank you.

The past week of running has been very good to me. Today, well technically yesterday now, I did my annual 10 miles on Christmas. Seems like I always run 10 miles on Christmas. The run was sluggish because I had to squeeze it in between a huge breakfast (and 5 too many cookies) and going to family houses. I felt like I was 100 pounds overweight! HAHA. But really, I did weigh 10 pounds more than normal after all the dinners! The run was good all in all. The previous days runs were great. I have been trying to run as much as possible (without being too extreme!). Monday, I ended up running 16 miles, having no clue how many I was planning on running. It was all in the dark, with very little traffic on the county roads here in Meigs. The night was calm and clear. My legs are sore, but it was nice to get a long run in before I do the Frozen Sasquatch 25k on January 2nd.

The next few days were spent mostly on the trails at Strouds Run. I explored some new trails parallel with E. State Street and discovered new views, rock formations, ponds, and adventures. Strouds Run is quickly becoming one of my favorite places to run, I am now familiar with every trail in the forest.

I still have not created my goals for the winter/spring season for myself yet. I have thought about it a little and will soon be posting all my collective thoughts soon. I like writing everything I think, or else I would forget about it within days. My mind will move on to new things!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas, God Bless.


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