Friday, January 22, 2010

New Endings, Old Beginnings

This week has been a successful week. My main goal was to not race this weekend. After asking Erock if that was ok, he seemed cool with it and that gave me the chance to really focus on improving my fitness, to a new level for my body. My plan was simple, run a lot! Last week I topped out at 95 miles and I knew if there were no distractions, 100 miles would not only be the mark, but possibly over 100 miles. So far, it is all looking good. There have been no "two-a-days", so it is just one run a day. Some people get there fitness by running a lot of workouts, but I look to get fitness by doing all my runs at once. Later, I am sure it will be important to do some doubles, but for now running once a day will improve fitness like no other.

On Wednesday, Reece and I once again drove to Chillicothe to meet Keegan. And once again, the run went amazing. This time we got a look at Great Seal without snow, which is just as good. Keegan showed us the way to Sugarloaf Hill, which proved to live up to its hype. Although many will debate me, Sugarloaf is harder than the famed Steel Hill at Hocking Hills. It was fun to run up it for the first time and actually make it to the top without stopping! We ended up running for over 2 hours, which leads me to Thursdays run...

Yesterday I had full intentions of just running 12 miles or so. The team meets at 4:00 so I arrived a little early to run 4 miles, since we were going to be doing 8 miles starting at 4:00. I felt really good on the run, as I was able to listen to 56 minutes of the "Great Debate" between Paul and Reece, time went by quickly. As we were finishing at the school, Eric, a recruit Brad Liston, and his dad were just beginning their run. I decided to turn around with them to chat. 50 minutes later I was still running with them and crossing the 2 hour, 10 minute range. So, a 12 mile day ended up turning into a 19 mile day (on concrete sadly). All in all, it felt great! We all headed to Pizza Hut afterwards where I was able to eat as much as I wanted, which helped the recovery a lot.

The past 7 days, I entered into new levels of running. This new week, starting Monday, I have ran two 2 hr runs and 4 consecutive 15+ mile runs. That puts me at 112 miles for the past 7 days! My body feels great and I am ready to experience new levels of running and test my body again. These next three days of running will be a lot easier then the previous four, but who knows, maybe today's 11 mile run will turn into 18!


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