Saturday, January 16, 2010

Time and Time Again, Feelin' Good is Good Enough for Me

This past week has been great. Reece and I have enjoyed great meals at the house and many great runs have been ran. Tuesday was the teams first "workout." We did 4 x 1 mile on the Bear Run and I was pretty pleased with the outcome. With the mileage I have been running, there was no way my legs or lungs were going to get tired!

Wednesday quite possibly could have been the best run of my life. Reece and I drove to Chillicothe to start the Wednesday Trail Tradition runs in Chillicothe. We met up with Keegan Rathkamp and his dog Suka to run at Great Seal. I have heard so many great things about Great Seal and practically know all the names like Sugarloaf, Bunker Hill, Mt. Ives, and so on, just from reading Keegan's Blog (see "Who I Read" for Keegan's Blog). So, it was nice to finally get to run on them! We did two hours out there, in the dark, with our headlamps. It was a blast talking about all the great memories we all have had together. Suka ran 50 minutes with us with his headlamps on as well. I have never saw a dog run like that! It was such a chill run, with fast downhills, slick uphills, and fresh track making trail running! I can't think of a better way to spend a Wednesday evening. After the run us three and Keegan's wife Cara went to Jerry's Pizza, a famous eatery in Chillicothe where I enjoyed an entire pizza!

Yesterday was also a good day of running. We had an indoor meet at Cedarville and I was anxious to see how my body was going to react. I felt like I recovered really well from the 2 hour run and that my body was rejuvenated, so I was ready! I was the high seed in the 5k, but Ron Duncan, a 24:20 8ker was also in the race. I lead the first two laps to get things started and Ron passed me. I set on him like a dog on a bone for the next two miles. This was setting up perfect for me. This is not to mention that Shane Meyer was right behind me as well. After I sensed our pace was slowing I put on one of the biggest surges in my life and put a 5 second gap on the field. There was no looking back from there. I won by 8 seconds and felt good doing it. My legs never burned too bad and I never gasped for air. It was a good tactical race, plus I PR's with a 15:27. Reece Brown had the best day of all though. He PR'd in the 1 Mile, 4:48, and the 5k, 17:09. Shane also PR'd with a 15:42. A great day for all the Bears!

I woke up this morning feeling like I didn't even race yesterday. I now know how much mileage pays off and helps recovery. If I was only doing 50 miles, my legs would be aching and I would not of did the morning run that I did. I cannot wait for the nest adventure that will come and the many more Chillicothe Wednesday Trail Run. Life is good, and I am feeling good!


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