Monday, January 4, 2010

Fresh Snow, Fresh Goals, Fresh Year

This morning, I once again strapped on my backpack and pedaled to school. The first day of fall semester I am sure I was doing this same thing, except in 80 degree weather with shorts on. Today, there was a fresh dusting of snow on the roads with a sub 20 degree chilled air. I was bundled up quite well for the weather. Riding to school in this type of weather is always fun for me. Even though I only life a half a mile from the school, I still get weird looks when I ride into campus, like "why is this kid riding his bike in 15 degree weather!?" But, it beats walking for 10 minutes and wasting gas for a short drive!

Now that the new semester has started, it is time to evaluate my goals from last semester and to create some new ones for this upcoming season and semester. I will list briefly talk about my previous goals from fall first.
  • Remember November
These two words are words that I posted on my door at the start of the season. Remember November is a phrase a lot of the team thinks of and will continue to be said throughout Shawnee State Cross Country. This was a non-descriptive goal but anyone associated with us knew what it meant. Through the entire season, we had to constantly think about the only thing important to us, and that was November 22nd, Nationals. After a 4th place finish, we can honestly say, we Remembered November, but there is next year......
  • Keep the Wednesday Trail Tradition Alive
Thankfully for me and a few other guys, Keegan talked to Erock two years ago about going to run trails every Wednesday. So, it was my goal to continue that trend. We did it pretty well. very Wednesday, Corey, Shane, and myself made the trek to the forest and ran trails. Coupling that with a post run milkshake made for great Wednesdays.
  • Run a Hangover Long Run Every Sunday
This concept too was inspired by Keegan Rathkamp. Two years ago, a few of us would go out there every Sunday night and get a long run in, many times finishing our two hour run past dark. Many people contribute much of their success to this. This year, not only a few of us ran every week there, the majority of the team did. It was actually a team goal to do this. Some of my favorite runs were at Hangover, sucking down a PowerGel halfway through a 20 mile run in late August and early September, and simply enjoying a beautiful early Sunday morning. Great times and great strength through this goal.
  • Keep My GPA Above 3.5
This was a simple goal to achieve, all I had to do was study and work hard as I did the previous semesters and simply get the grades. I ended the year with 5 A's and one B. Not a bad year.
  • Continue Enjoying Life
This is a goal I have always had. I believe achieving the first 4 goals will lead to this, along with other factors. I enjoyed last semester and the season greatly. I became close to a lot of friends and made a ton of memories. Now it is time to do it again.
I have not given much thought about my new goals, but here we go:
  • Goal One: Compete Monthly in the Dirt Dawgs Dirty Dozen Trail Series
This has been something I wanted to compete in for a couple years now. Due to track and cross country it is hard to though. But this year, I am going to do it! 7 of the 12 races are needed and I think I can fit them in. I need trails!
  • Goal Two: Run Trails 3 to 4 Times a Week
I want to expand on the Wednesday trail runs and run them a lot more. The weekends will be spent on trail along with Wednesday and another week. Also, now that I have a headlamp, early morning or late night trail runs are now possible.
  • Goal Three: Enjoy Track Season and Post Great Times
Although I am not the biggest fan of track season, I want to enjoy it. I guess there is still somewhat of a thrill instilled in me of running fast around a track. I want some fast times in the 5k and 10k as this could be my last season of track!
  • Goal Four: Run 100+ Miles for 10 Consecutive Weeks
Running 100 miles was not a goal for me last Fall, it just kind of happened. Now, it is a number I look at, that I want to achieve and have aim to do it. I want to be at this level for a long time and see how many I can get up to. 115 sounds like a good number.
  • Goal Five: Continue Enjoying Life
This on should be easy. This will be a great semester and great running season. I cannot wait!
So, there it is, my new goals. More good news to share as well! Reece Brown asked me to move in with him this semester. I have worked out a deal with the Hornick's and I am out by the end of the month. It will be great to live out at Reece's. I love it out there and it will be amazing to get away from the city every night. Great times sure to follow!

Now, it is time to log off and head to Geology! Should be a fun year ......


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