Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Idea to Develop a Trail Running Club in Southeastern Ohio

For the past year I've been putting a lot of thought into developing a trail running club Southeastern Ohio (SEO).  I have the distinct opportunity through my graduate program at Ohio University to create a project that aims to make an impact on the community.  I believe a trail running club can make that positive impact in our community.

The intentions of the club would be to:
  • be 100% non-profit
  • be the central hub for SEO runners to seek information on trails in the area
  • host trail races and trail ultramarathons
  • hold group trail runs
  • develop trail running workshops
  • give back to the trails we love
  • ....and more.
This club would be a sanctioned non-profit club based out of Athens, OH, but would range across the entire Southeastern Ohio area.  There are so many great opportunities for trail running and SEO is blessed with a wealth of State Parks, State Forests, Wilderness Areas, and even a National Forest!  The aim is to create camaraderie with a collective group of like minded people who love trail running and who love giving back to nature.  It will also be a club for individuals who want to try out trail running for the first time or for people who want to start running for the first time!     
This project is in its early stages and I am calling for comments.  Let me know what you think of a trail running club.  Are you from SEO and interested in this idea?  Would you like to be a part of this club?  Do you have idea's on how to make a trail running club a success?  Are you not from Southeastern Ohio but have experience with trail running clubs?  Let me know!
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Happy Trails,
Michael Owen 
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Early spring view up a bridle trail at Shawnee State Forest in Southeastern Ohio

Overlooking a foggy Brush Creek Forest in Southeastern Ohio