Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Unexamined Life is Not Worth Living

August was here, now it's there. The Dog Days of Summer have finally passed, but temperatures still sore over 90 degrees here in Southern Ohio. This is seemingly the last hot week of the year. Everyone will be glad when the chill air comes over the valley. In this time of hopeful season change, I find myself in my senior year of running at Shawnee. I can't help to examine what I have did in the past and examine what I will doing in the future. Change has been exciting to me in all aspects of life. I have lived in four different houses in four years of college, never able to get a real place that I felt comfortable. The place I live now is about as content as I have been, but still its not right. Is solitude what I'm searching for?

Thinking about the past four years of running is so intriguing. I am realizing that everything is the last of something. For instance, Monday was the 8th 3 x 2 mile workout of my life, and last. 3 x 2 miles is just special, I have had some of my best workouts in that thing. There will never be another Hangover 5 Mile Time Trial, 20 x 400 meter repeats, Alumni 5K, Shawnee State Invite, no Eric Putnam inspiring me step after step........ Of course, I could always come back and do these things with the team. But, it will never be the same. I won't be a college runner anymore, I won't have the same emotions, and it won't ever mean what it does now. I won't have Nationals to train for.....

So, consequently, I'll find myself seeking these emotions elsewhere, alone. Ultra running will fill that gap, halfway at least. All in all though, I will never be apart of that ever so connected Shawnee State Bears team.

I feel weird talking about this right now, with an entire season ahead of me. But, on this 4th day before the first meet of the year, I am thinking about it. Senior emotions are something different, let me tell you.

All of this derived, somehow, from me thinking about the month of August. I don't even know how that happened.......

In the month, I have ran a good amount of mileage, started doing workouts, raced a couple of times, started school, met some new friends, and had a great time with everyone I have been in contact with. I am in the middle of my 9th week of 100+ miles, hitting 111 last week, and feeling stronger than ever. Last year I was doing 20 mile long runs on Sundays, only to be taking a really light day somewhere in the week. This year, my longest runs are 18 milers with a mid week day of 15 or 16 miles. The other days I just aim to get around 15 miles (two runs usually), with Monday usually being 18 total in two runs. I usually take a day to do 10 or 12 only, making it my "light" day. That's only a short version of my made up madness.

August Miles= 481 (avg. of 15.5 a day)
August Time on Feet= 57:51:53

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

When I Decided to Take Flight


Monday 8/23

AM: 6 miles (46:00). Nice morning jaunt up to the Fire Tower. I am starting to like this Monday morning solo run. Nice way to start a week of school and hard running.
PM: 11 miles (1:09:00). 6 of these miles were the warm up and cool down from the workout (did it in my FiveFingers). We did 4 x 2000 out at the course. This week I was smart enough to where spikes. I have to "keep up with the Jones'."
1. 6:11 : 1:30 jog, 2:07 rest
2. 6:11 : 1:30 jog, 2:14 rest
3. 6:08 : 1:30 jog, 2:27 rest
4. 6:10 : DONE
I couldn't be more happy with my times for this workout. It was a small mental barrier since last year at this workout I finished with a 7:12 for my last one. Keegan and I finished side by side on literally all 4 intervals and laid down a 66 last 400, give or take a second or two. Considering I have had no speed work since April, I am confident in my finish still.

Tuesday 8/24

AM: 6 miles (44:00). Morning run with the team. I added on one extra.
PM: 12 miles (1:27:30). Around town with the team. I headed in early to get 4 miles on the grass floodwall + 2 barefoot miles on the turf. I would like to keep this Tuesday evening run as grassy as possible since it is the most mentally challenging run for me all week!

Wednesday 8/25
PM: 16.5 (2:07:20). Mid week long run at Great Seal. Trails on Wednesday satisfy me more than anything. Met Keegan with Reece, Schroeder, and Jeremy. I added on a good 27 minutes after everyone else stopped. Got some Jerry's Pizza after.

*In the midst of this run, I hit the 12,000 mile mark of my career in running. I have logged since Jan. 1st, 2007.

Thursday 8/26
PM: 12 miles (1:25:00). Once again, utilized the grass in town as much as possible. Tried my hand at the Turf field again, only to be kicked off by security. Then, after my run, the two security guards, the AD, and I had a long-winded discussion on why I should/shouldn't be on the field. The field will be open for use sometime this upcoming week.
PM: 2.5 miles (18:00). After a hefty meal, laid the fork down and ran a little. I just wanted to even out my miles for the week. I'm obsessed.

Friday 8/27
PM: 12 miles (1:20:00). Hangover 5K Time Trail. Always love the chance to run fast out at Hangover. I got a lead halfway up the first hill and no one caught up to me. I didn't get a miles split but Eric and Blake said I was at 5:42, 7 seconds slower than last year. But, I went through the 2 mile at 11:08, 12 seconds faster than last year and ended up at 17:30, 15 seconds last year. That is also the unofficial.... official 5K record at Hangover. The team did very well also. On the way back we did 3 x 3 min. hard and 1 x 2 min. hard. I started from behind everyone and worked my way to the front on these. Feels good to run fast up and down hills.

Saturday 8/28
AM: 13 miles (1:35:00). I was able to get on the trails out in Brush Creek. They cleared them since the last time I was out there. I don't have to worry about getting Oak Bugs all over me now. After the run, I enjoyed two hours of swimming, stretching, and eating.
PM: 2 miles (15:00). Nice little run to get all loose.

Sunday 8/29
AM: 18 miles (2:18:00). Started at Hobey Hollow, right on the gravel road, down Silver Arrow BT, on road #6, on the Connector Trail to Conleys Run, out by the Horsecamp, up the hill on Silver Arrow, right on the gravel road, left on the Main Trail, and right onto Hobey Hollow to finish.
It was nice to get on my home turf, the Shawnee State Forest Trails. There is nothing like these things. Beautiful trails!

Total Miles: 111
Total Time: 13:25:30

So, the week was successful. I had two great workouts, 4 x 2K and Hangover 5K Time Trial w/ minute runs. Even tough these workouts deal with a bunch of strength, I was able to find a little speed at the end of some intervals, which I was happy about.

Next week is our first race of the season (collegiate race). We are going to the Dayton Flyer 5K, and I am really looking forward to being there. Cross Country race preparation is a lot different than track preparation. I actually have a course to study (unlike the oval track) and I actually care who is in the race. Not that I care who is better and who I can beat, but I like to have an idea of who I will be competing against. I am going to the line with the same intentions as everyone else.

I will leave you with a parting picture that shows just how great life is:

(Late Night Summer Spread 8/27/2010)



Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Long and Winding Road

The road of a cross country season is not also the straight and open one. It is usually narrow and winding. It has some ups and downs and maybe even some turnarounds. But, what I know about this long and winding road, is that it has an end, I am controlling the present, and the past is final. Right now, I am in the present, and loving it.

Cross country season is in full swing, now that school has started and practice is the same time every day. We are in the whole workout schedule, that rarely deviates from years past. I know this schedule really well and know exactly what I did in years past and how to approach each one. Soon though, all of this will be over, I won't have the teammates that I love running with me every evening, and the ever so acquainted path will be bulldozed. So, I will take these next three months (minus two days today) and cherish every moment of it.

For my 14th to last week of having all these wonderful things, here is what I did:

Monday 8/16
AM: 6 miles (46:00). Up to the Fire Tower in the morning by myself. First day of my senior year of school.
PM: 12 miles (1:19:00). Interval Workout, 3 x 2 mile on the course. 2 mile warm-up, 6 miles of intervals, and a 4 mile cool-down. Great first interval workout for me and the team as a whole. Keegan was ahead of me on all of these. I went 10:23, 10:28, and 10:35. Not the best conditions. I figured the course was going to be dry but it was wet. I didn't have my spikes so I gad to run it in the NB 100's. Could of used some more traction. Felt smooth none the less.

Tuesday 8/17
AM: 5 miles (37:00). This was the first morning run of the year with the entire team. Ran the regular morning run route in town.
PM: 10 miles (1:12:00). Started out on zig-zag but looped around on Waller with Blake and Reece. We took our shoes off and did some barefooting on the new turf soccer field. Did 8 laps until a security guard got on a power trip and kicked us off. I have permission from the AD now though.

Wednesday 8/18
AM: 6 miles (47:30). Took it nice and slow up to the Fire Tower before school.
PM: 10 miles (1:10:00). Did a little 4k tempo run out at the course. We were all trying to hit 3:15 for all the K's. I just settled into the main pack and fed off of everyone. Two people led every K and I jumped up in front on the last one. Ended up going 13:07 which is 3:17 pace, so not far off the goal. Felt so relaxed.

Thursday 8/19
PM: 10.5 miles (1:17:00). First trail run at the Forest this season. Reece and Schroeder were the only ones that came with me. Parked behind Turkey Lake and went up the start of the ADT trail. The last 20 minutes was some of the best trail running I've did. I was just smooth on some technical spots and really picked up the pace.
PM: 5.5 miles (41:00). Did another run when I got home for the night. Up to the Fire Tower and back.

Friday 8/20
PM: 10 miles (1:13:30). Ran zig-zag with the guys and added on a little on the flood wall. Shortest run I have did in a while.

Saturday 8/21
AM: 10 miles (1:16:35). 7 of these miles consisted of the warm up and cool down to the Buckeye Run. We were to run the first 2 miles at 10:30, then go hard the last mile. Erock led us through and I ended up being at 10:27. I was about in 8th place at this point. Blake Jones and I ran together the last mile and dropped a 4:42, finishing at 15:35, behind Erock. Felt great.
PM: 5 miles (36:00). Ran up towards the Fire Tower with Corey late in the day.

Sunday 8/22
AM: 18 miles (2:19:00). Sunday Hangover Long Run. All of the team met at Hangover in the morning. Freshmen did the 11.5 mile loop, some of the upper class men did 15, and Reece and I did 18 miles. I felt smooth and strong. Good finish to a good week.

Total Miles: 108
Total Time: 13:05:35

This was my highest week of mileage since the Spring. I feel good about it all, but want to make sure I don't get to much higher. This was also one of the only weeks I have did 3 workouts in a 6 day span. We still have 2 more weeks until our first race and another 2 weeks after that for our first 8k race. Time to keep training.

(Erock and Link leading a Bear Pack)

(Everyone finishing)

(Blake and Me cruising)

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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camp Week + Alumni 5K

Starting Monday, the entire team was back in town for a good old week put aside just to run, do nothing, and meet new friends. A lot of good things happened in this week and many memories, friendships, and miles were had by everyone. This has always been one of my favorite weeks of the year and it is sad that this was the last one of four in my life. Next year just won't be the same.

Monday 8/9
AM: 5 miles (37:00). Morning of Hangover "shakeout".
PM: 12 miles (1:09:02). Hangover 5 Mile Time Trial. This went great. Check out my post before to see greater detail of this adventure.

Tuesday 8/10
AM: 4 miles (30:00). The team got this morning off, but Reece and I did an easy 4.
PM: 12 miles (1:25:00). This was probably the worst run of the week for me. Just the sincere pounding for 8 miles on the roads in 95 degree heat. The heat index was up to 107, plus the radiating heat from the asphalt made it even worse. Reece and I added 4 more miles on the grass flood wall after the team finished. Still ran good.

Wednesday 8/11
AM: 10 miles (1:10:30). Did the longer of the two runs in the morning. Don't want to be in the heat anymore than we are.
PM: 5 miles (35:30). Rains came before this run and cooled us all off. Only the upper class men and women ran.

Thursday 8/12
12 miles (1:25:00). Decided to run 12 and make it my only run of the day. The team did 8, I added on more on the grass flood wall. I can't wait till the Field Turf gets finished so I can run some barefoot. Race Friday.

Friday 8/13
AM: 4 miles (30:00). Ran before we had to meet at the course. I wanted to get some more miles in.
AM: 2 miles (16:00). Team met at the course for a "shakeout". Picked up sticks and stones along the course. Had a great team meeting afterwards with the guys. Set out our training goals, end results, and quotes.
PM: 9 miles (1:00:36). SSU Alumni 5K. Did 6 miles total warming up and cooling down, plus little over 3 from the race. I'll get to the race details below.

Saturday 8/14
12 miles (1:24:30). Met the team in the morning. Ran with half the group and coach behind B-Dubs. The dirt paths were nice and I was happy to be on roads minimally this run. Felt great considering the race the night before.

Sunday 8/15
19 miles (2:18:00). Long run of the week. Didn't get one in earlier this week. Just too much going on with the team and I did a lot of two a days. Drove up with Reece to Scioto Trails to meet with Joe and Keegan. Kept it on gravel service roads most of the way. Pace was quicker than most long runs just because the miles weren't on the trails. Felt smooth and strong.

Total Miles: 106
Total Time: 12:21:08


This race day started out just as any other afternoon race day day would start for me. Wake up fairly early and do any easy 4 or 5 miles. After I did 4, Reece and I drove to the course to meet with the team. We would all do a loop around the course, 2 miles, while we picked up sticks and stones. Even though it rained Wednesday, the course was only minimally muddy and didn't pose a threat to any slower times for that reason. Soon to find out, any slow times would surely be caused by the staggering heat rolling off the ever so close Ohio River. The humidity is just brutal in this part of the state in August. After the run with the team, Reece and I headed a team meeting without the coaches to set out our training goals and projected results. This has been something we have did the past two years and it seems like everyone likes what it does. It took about an hour and I think everyone was really motivated afterwards.

After going back home and resting, we were all to meet back at the course at 5:45, the race started at about 7:10. By 7:10, the big hills toward the Northwest cast a shadow over the course. This would lower the temperatures a little, but it was still very hot. From the start Keegan and I was out in front. We were flying. The first 800 we came through at 2:14. We were still side by side at the mile, 4:43. Last year, The pack came through at 4:58! This year, the closest people behind Keegan and I were at 5:00.

One thing I will say about our course is that it is very hard to run side by side. The "S" turn after the mile really makes it hard to stay together. Someone is always going to be on the inside. Plus, there are a few spots with ruts where the person on the right side, will gain a nice edge. During this race, I must of been in the right spot at the right time. Luckily, I had ran the course that morning and knew some spots to avoid and consciously not go there. In the "S" turn I got a few strides ahead of Keegan. I don't think the distance between me and him changed from then on. We finished the race 1 second apart, me at 15:36 and him at 15:37.

Just like at Hangover, it was tough holding off such a great runner. He was right there in my peripheral vision for the last two miles. We were going very hard through the last field and up to the finish and I was able to come through ahead. The rest of the team ran good as well. Shawnee State runners took the top 14 places in the race.
Brad Liston was 3rd just over 16:00
Chuck Wentz 4th
Galen Dills 5th
Jeremy Anderson 6th
Josh Linkous 7th
Blake Jones 8th
Blake Wysocki 9th
Justin Hornick 10th
Paul Webb 11th
Reece Brown 12th
Eli Gerlach 13th
Adam Schroeder 14th at 17:00

So, a pretty good showing for us. Hot conditions and a tough first week, especially for some of the younger guys. I am happy with the way I felt and how smooth I was running after that first mile. We went out a little quick, and even though our pace slowed, we ran fast. I was running on strength alone and think that when we get to doing some speed work, everything will come together for these long races.

I had a great first week with the team and it can only get better on Monday during the 3x2 mile workout! Right?.... right

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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The First Chapter. . . 2010 Hangover Time Trail

We raced through the mile at a new 5 mile time trial best at Hangover, 5:42. Eric, Keegan, and I were up front from the start; we all were locked into a solid pace. Shortly after the mile, Keegan managed to find a rock to the side of his foot, rolling his ankle worse than he ever have before. Though it was a short set back, he was right back with Erock and I within seconds. Behind us, was a battle between new freshmen, returners trying to avenge past heartbreaks, and seniors racing the 5 mile time trial for the last time. This was all just the start to an epic first chapter in the Shawnee State Bears 2010 season.

Last year, the Hangover Time Trial was somewhat of a spiritual run, Shane and I leading together step for step and ending at 29:33, together. The shared camaraderie between Shane and I will be something I will cherish forever. For this season, Shane decided to not return to school, so a repeat of that experience was not going to happen. But this year, Keegan Rathkamp is returning for his last season and him and I have ran so many miles together on trails, we knew the time trial was going to be even more of a memorable run. That is was.

Excitement had been brewing in my body for about a week before the actual time trial. I knew I was fit, I had ran Hangover weekly, sometimes more than once, so I wasn't scared about running bad. When I woke up Monday, I kept thinking to myself that this was it. This is the start of the end for me. Reece of course, had the same emotions and our day was filled mostly with talking about what was going to happen and what our strategies were going to be. Whatever we had planned, it was sure to change somewhere along the line.

Just from the moment we pulled into the parking lot, I was happy to see the team. We met at 6 pm at the school and everyone carpooled out to the forest. This was the first time I had saw a bunch of my teammates since spring and the first time I had ever met some of the freshmen. Driving out to Hangover was just like last year and the year before. We were all ready for this much talked about run. Running the warm-up and stretching with 20 other teammates was unreal. Our team is so big and there are a lot of good runners in that mix.

On the line to start the race, everyone was buzzing. Reece Brown had dropped his shorts and was bare naked beside 20 guys! He was running this thing all-natural! People will be looking back on this years from now, and it might even start a tradition. But like I said, this was only the start.

It was Eric, Keegan, and me still together at 2 miles. Our time was 11:22 total, so 5:40 for the mile; that was 22 seconds faster than last years 2 mile. After this point, some spreading out started happening. I gained a little lead up a short hill and Eric was a little ahead of Keegan. At that point I just tried to block everything out, even though it is hard to get such good runners like Keegan and Eric off your mind with 3 miles still to run. I just kept focusing on running the uphills strong and building a wider gap up hill. I could tell Erock gained a little ground on every down hill but I was confident to regain that ground on the next uphill. And really, that is how it ended up. I finished with 29:02, tying the course record. Eric was at 29:10 and Keegan was 29:20. Even though it was 18 seconds between me and third, the margin seemed a lot closer. Then, everyone else started to roll in.

In between Keegan and the next guy there was over a minute gap. Chuck was the guy in the 30:20's, a huge improvement from past years for him. Next was the performance of the day, freshman Jeremy Anderson, running in the 30:30's. That has to be a freshman record at Hangover. Fifth on the team (not counting Erock) was a naked Reece Brown, 30:44. Blake Jones was the last runner to break 31. Brad Liston was low 31 and then everyone came in. I forget the order now, but everyone finished before we started our 5 mile cool-down. We waited 10 minutes from when I finished to cool-down.

Here were my splits:
Mile 1: 5:42
Mile 2: 5:40 (11:22)
Miles 3-4: 11:52 (23:15)
Mile 5: 5:46 (29:02)

The total experience was amazing. Just the mundane task of holding off Eric and Keegan was enough to make me run harder and harder. Keegan, Eric, and I ran a lot of the cool-down together and we just talked about all of the possibilities of this upcoming season and how great we felt for just doing what we did. I was in such an emotional high, the cool-down (which is usually pretty tough) did not seem hard at all. This gives me a lot of confidence with my training and today, a day later, I know I was able to recover very well.

I am looking forward to the rest of this week and know that this just the beginning of something great. Friday will be the Alumni 5k, and I get to see if I can redo my win from last year. I have a feeling it might be a little harder this year. This team is no joke! In the mean time, I will be Running Free and having more fun than ever!

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Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Week Before. . .

After running alone most of last week, this week was much different. I only ran alone a few times and was accompanied by someone on a lot of the miles. This will be even more evident next week as the team is all together again. The week before Cross Country Camp is always relieving. I know that if I make it through that week, the rest is easy! The biggest struggle of summer running (for some people) is running alone. Once the season starts, its easy to join 20 other guys to run. I cannot wait for tomorrow and to see everyone for the first time this season!

Here was my final week before camp and my 5th week at 100+ miles:

Monday 8/
AM: 12 miles (1:29:05). Drove out to Hangover in the morning for a good out and back run. Went a little ways past the gate and back. Felt fairly decent for a Hangover run.
PM: 6 miles (44:00). Ran out to the Fire Tower and on the way there Reece was on Crabtree-Cemetery doing some sprint drills. Good day.

Tuesday 8/3
AM: 9 miles (1:07:00). Reece and I ran in the morning. Out on the pavement and back on Crabtree-Cemetery.
PM: 6 miles (44:00). Ran with Corey and Reece up to the Fire Tower.

Wednesday 8/4
16 miles (2:00:00). Did the "Point to Pinnacle" route that I did last week. Reece ran about 13 of this with me. Very cool morning in the forest.

Thursday 8/5
13 miles (1:32:20). Back in Meigs County for a few days. Ran around 6pm, right before a great dinner by Moma Owen.

Friday 8/6
AM: 8 miles (57:00). Morning run around the back roads in Meigs County.
PM: 7 miles (50:00). Same as the morning, but not in the morning.

Saturday 8/7
10 miles (1:09:00). Went up to the Eagle 5k, not to race but just to watch. Matt Michino won, Boyles second, and Chris Davis was third. Michino ran a 15:57 and set the course record, it made me want to race seeing that. Ran he cool-down with the guys and some more on my own.

Sunday 8/8
16 miles (2:00:00). Had a great time at Keegans party the night before and stayed at him and Cara's house for the night. Woke up around 8 and started running at 9. Hauke was out there as well. Felt good and was moving at a nice pace near the end.

Total Miles: 103
Total Time: 12:32:55

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Lonely Ramblings

My strengths: Durable, fast recovery, able to be alone. Exploiting these strengths as much as possible can lead to greatness, and then to fix my weaknesses. This week I ran alone for 9 out of the 10 runs I did. The only time I was with other people was today, and I cherish these run more than any. They go by faster and are a lot of fun. Here soon, all of my runs will be with people as camp starts this upcoming Sunday. I really can't wait for that. But in all, I do not mind the lonely running by myself. It gives me a lot of time to think. And that basically answers the question of how I get through these long runs by myself. I love thinking, I do it a lot. If I could read a book while running I would do that as well. But, reading nature is good enough for me. Learning is so good. Loneliness is something I am accustomed to not just in running. This entire summer, living at Reece's, I have pretty much been by myself. Besides the people at work, going home to my family twice, and the occasional runs with Keegan in Chillicothe, the majority of my time has been spent alone. I cook a meal for myself, watch a movie by myself, sing by myself, and so on. I never think about it, I guess I don't mind.

Now, Reece is back home for the summer and I am able to share the experiences with someone. I would take it this way rather than being alone.

All in all though, I think the best weeks of training in my life have been when I was alone. I do not feel in the confines of people running a certain pace, certain number or intervals, and no one is there giving me a hard time about the way I train. I am just free in these situations and the only person there to give me a hard time is myself. And I don't mind doing that once in a while. I think this is a good way to live a life too. Only when you can find the persons, the persons that shares the same thoughts and can feel the same emotions in certain situations, can you surround yourself with people. Until then, living alone isn't such a bad thing. Learning experiences are learned at such a greater level when learned by ones self.

Rambled thoughts in a rambled mind.

Lonely weeks aren't half bad:

Monday 7/26
12 miles (1:24:00). A quicker run to start the week off. Clicked off a few sub 7 miles on the asphalt and then a little slower once I got on the gravel roads.

Tuesday 7/27
AM: 5 miles (38:00). Around the loop trail for a couple of miles and onto Crabtree-Cemetery for the rest. Tried to get Pup to run with me on the trail but she only lasted about 4 minutes.
PM: 10 miles (1:10:00). Feelin' good is good enough for me.

Wednesday 7/28
16 miles (1:55:55). I'm calling this the "Point to Pinnacle" run. Parked at Pond Lick Pond parking area and headed towards Picnic Point to start off. Went up the 2 mile hill and rounded the point. Headed back down the road and veered onto #8 road that later turns into #2 road. This section was about 5 or 6 miles of gravel ridge top, gently rolling, road. I crossed the Pond Lick/Pond Run Pinnacle and continued on #2 until the Hangover exit gate. I then just turned around and went down Pond Lick to my car. Good little route, with a nice initial climb, and ending decent, and a middle section filled with ups and downs.

Thursday 7/29
13 miles (1:36:00). Hurting a little today. I've been running faster and longer for a while now, but I made it through.

Friday 7/30
AM: 5 miles (36:00). I love refreshing morning runs.
PM: 10 miles (1:11:00). 2 times up the Fire Tower Hill.

Saturday 7/31
AM: 5 miles (35:10).
PM: 10 miles (1:11:00). 3 trips up the Fire Tower Hill. 5:55, 5:45, and 5:44 were the times. Wasn't pushing too hard, just maintaining pace.

Sunday 8/1
19 miles (2:29:00). Met with Keegan, Reece, Nate Hauke, and Tom at Lick Run for some nice early morning Great Seal Trail running. Beautiful run. Went all over the park, stayed low for the most part. Legs feeling good with these longer long runs. Calling it 19 miles, thats 7:54 pace and I say we were doing that.

Total Miles: 105
Total Time: 12:47:05

Total for July: 447 miles in 55:15:02

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