Monday, July 26, 2010

Down, But Back Up

This past week of training was up and down, but started down and became up. So technically, down and up. Out of the first five days of the week, Tuesday was the only day I felt good. That was also the only day it rained last week and I was able to enjoy a nice trail run in a lightening storm. Normally I would be a bit scared in this circumstance, but I was just so relieved to be out of a hot sun and in refreshing spirits. The rest of those first five days were hot, humid, and some more hot. Temperatures were constantly lingering around 95 degrees and even pressing 100 or more with the heat index. I couldn't escape it! I settled for some slow paced runs and a few two-a-days.

Finally, by the time Saturday rolled around, I was feeling better and ready to get some good runs in. I ran 5 miles in the morning and my night 10 miler was great. I felt like I was back to normal. Then, Sunday's long run was perfect.

Monday 7/19
12 miles (1:26:30). The start of a long hot week. Made it up to the Fire Tower and around on the shaded trails as much as possible.

Tuesday 7/20
AM: 5 miles (37:30).
PM: 10 miles (1:13:00). Headed over to the Main Trailhead at the Shawnee Park. Much to my surprise, it started storming 5 miles in and I was glad for it. Was right on step with the technical running and going at a quick pace by the end of the run.

Wednesday 7/21
16 miles (2:01:00). Met Reece at Scioto Trails at 3 in the afternoon. I wish I would of not even did this. I could of ran on my own later in the day. We explored some trails around the forest and suffered through some intense heat. Still, got a long run in.

Thursday 7/22
13 miles (1:38:48). Went to Hangover after work at around 7 pm. It was still hot. I went out 6.5 miles and back the same way. I usually start out slow and roll into a 7:10-7:20 pace here, but by the end I was barely cracking 7:40! Hangover truly humbles a man, but it only makes us stronger.

Friday 7/23
AM: 10 miles (1:15:30). Went up to the Fire Tower and down the road a bit.
PM: 5 miles (35:42). Started to feel a little better on this run.

Saturday 7/24
AM: 5 miles (35:30). A;ready 90 out this morning, but felt so much better!
PM: 10 miles (1:10:00). Recovery in the process. Back to normal feeling wise. Set a new record up the Fire Tower Hill even, in 4:34.

Sunday 7/25
~16 or 17 miles (2:08:00). Met Joe Jinks and Keegan out at Great Seal at 7 am for a beautiful long run. I look forward to these runs week in week out. We definitely went faster than last week. We went up Sugfarloaf on the Rocky Side, that was a test. We also went up Mt. Ives at the beginning. Great Run!

Total Miles: 103
Total Times: 12:41:30

So, what started out as a rough week, turned into a good one overall. This heat is just frustrating sometimes, but I need to get over that. I suffered my first injury this week too: I cut my finger while cutting peppers Saturday night. It bled for a good 3 hours that night and bled again when I took the wrap off in the morning. I was scared I needed stitches but it seems okay now. I have settled into nice mileages the past several weeks and will likely continue running 100-105 for a long time. I won't be going much over that.

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Sunday, July 18, 2010

When It's So Close, Run It

(View from Scioto Trails)

Monday 7/12
12 miles (1:26:30). Met with Erock and Reece out at Hangover. Its always nice just having us three in a run. Went out to the gate and back, finished up with 6:45 and 6:35 for our last two miles. The rest of the run was probably 7:10-7:20.

Tuesday 7/13
AM: 6 miles (45:30). Ran at 6 am with Reece, up to the Fire Tower.

PM: 11 (1:23:00). Took it slow this evening. Legs were little heavy today.

Wednesday 7/14
13 miles (1:40:00). Met Reece at the Hobey Hollow meeting place and went up Hobey Hollow, down the dirt road at the top and then hit up a newer looking bridle trail at the end. Took it slow but felt strong.

Thursday 7/15
16 miles (2:01:00). Met Keegan and Reece at Scioto Trails. This was the first time I have ran there and absolutely loved it. Ran on the North Country Trail/Buckeye Loop for the majority of this run. Trails are maintained fairly well. Nice forest.

Friday 7/16
13 miles (1:34:20). Ran out at the house. Went up the Fire Tower hill 3 consecutive times, each getting faster.

Saturday 7/17
AM: 6 miles (44:00). Ran the trails around Reece's for a little while.

PM: 8 miles (57:00). Ran in town for only the second time this summer. Wysocki wanted someone to run with so I went in after work was over. Got about as many hills as one could in Portsmouth.

Sunday 7/18
16 miles (2:04:00). Met Keegan and Neal at the Lick Run trailhead. Had an amazing two hour run around Great Seal, took some trails I haven't been on since winter, or if ever. Went up and down Sugarloaf Hill, which was fun.

Total Miles: 101
Total Time: 12:35:20

The week was great. I was able to explore new trails in Scioto Trails State Forest and run with some good friends. This summer seems to be cooling down some as well, just as running is heating up. I can't wait to get into the cross country season and get this thing started!

I am so blessed to have such an abundance of trails within an hour of where I am right now. Less than an hour north I have Great Seal State Park, which has amble amounts of really well groomed trails and many hills. About 35 minutes north is Scioto Trails State Forest. There are trails galore here, and I have a lot of exploring to do! In the other direction I have Shawnee State Forest, which is home to some of my best training, rugged trails, up and down bridle trails, and nicely shaded forest roads. This is all not to even mention the trails I can run 15 minutes to get in, Brush Creek State Forest. What could be better?

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Monday, July 12, 2010

Cultivated Experiences

The past two weeks have been intense. A lot of running and a lot of great experiences along the way.

I ran a road race in Jackson the day before July 4th; this was my fourth year running this race. It is always a good race and a fun get together with a bunch of the teammates that I haven't saw since summer. I ran a strong race, winning with a summer best of 15:10, beating Linkous this time by 3 seconds (last year he beat me by .4 seconds at this race, 15:37). Strangely enough, I think I have finally figured out how to approach a summer road race, it took four years to do so. Since my legs haven't been in any kind of workout shape, nor even sub 6:50 mile pace runs, a road race is a fast moving thing. Anything feels fast, even if it is a 16:30! Whatever the case, I now feel relaxed and comfortable knowing that I an confident in plan distance training, that allows me to run a decent 5k. This is all leading up to one day anyway.

I also had the experience of a lifetime just this past weekend. A little event first described in an email from Eric Grossman as a "no cost, no frills, 2 day running event" took place down in Jefferson National Forest. This was pretty much back to back marathons, the first one starting at 3 pm on the 9th and the second one the next morning at 8 am. Eric Grossman invited the locals there and I tried to get some people to come along with me. It ended up just being 4 people, Eric, Guy, Jennifer, and myself. We all camped out at the Hurricane Campground, it was somewhat seclusive and not over populated at all. It also had a nice cold stream running just steps from where we stayed.

The two marathons went great. The first day ended up being closer to 27 or 28 miles. Eric put together a couple of great routes on singletrack, doubletrack, and forest service roads, hardly having to repeat anything. There were probably about 3,000 feet of incline in each of the runs. It was mostly Eric and I running together both of the days, he is training for the Burning River 100 at the end of this month. I learned so much about ultra-running just from running and talking with him for over 7 hours. The experience was amazing the my mind is just rattled at how much fun I've been having this summer, blogging just doesn't do it justice. Sometimes I can't explain it all at once.

Here is what my training has been for the past two weeks:

Monday 6/28
AM: 10 miles (1:12:30). Up to the Fire Tower and around.

PM: 6 miles (43:30). Up to the Fire Tower again, with CC. We went 4:42 on the hill. Only 5 seconds off my fastest time.

Tuesday 6/29
14 miles (1:42:46). Hangover out and back. Was hitting 7:10-7:20 consistently.

Wednesday 6/30
17 miles (2:01:00). Most of this was by myself on the trails, but met with CC to do the last 6 on the road.

Thursday 7/1
13 miles (1:33:00). A couple loops around the main trail at Brush Creek.

Friday 7/2
8 miles (57:00). Little less for the race tomorrow. Hard on the trails though.

Saturday 7/3
13 miles (1:25:10). Jackson 5k in 15:10, won. 10 miles warming up and cooling down. Nice chatting with Mike Sawicki.

Sunday 7/4
17 miles (2:01:00). Back in Meigs County for the weekend, never touched any pavement, just gravel roads.

Total Miles: 98

Total Time: 11:35:56

Monday 7/5
10 miles (1:13:00). One of the hotter runs of the summer so far.

Tuesday 7/6
10 miles (1:12:00). Met CC in Hocking Hills and ran some nice trails on the Buckeye Trail.

Wednesday 7/7
10 miles (1:10:00). Ran with CC, went up to the Fire Tower.

Thursday 7/8
AM: 8 miles (56:30). Fire Tower run

PM: 5 miles (34:00). Little fast on trails.

Friday 7/9
27 miles (3:51:10). First of the back to back hurricanes. Felt real strong.

Saturday 7/10
26 miles (3:34:06). Second of the back to back hurricanes. Felt even stronger.

Sunday 7/11
10 miles (1:15:17). Great run with Keegan, Reece, and John Williams at Great Seal. What an amazing day.

Total Miles: 106

Total Time: 13:44:57

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