Monday, January 11, 2010

In my Mind I was a Child, and it Felt Good!

This entire week of running has been great; I have been running snowy trails, slipping and sliding down slick hills, more or less skiing down them! My previous three runs have included this type of running, all with Reece, on the trails close to his house. He brought up a great point during one of the runs......... Everyone remembers playing in the snow as a child, but no one ever does it when they get older.

For me, and all the other dedicated runners, especially people that run trails, even with snow, we do not have to remember "the good ole days." Our good day was today, or yesterday, or.... tomorrow. That is just one satisfying thing about being a runner. I might not be sleigh riding down a huge hill, but I am sliding down it at a pretty fast speed, on my feet! It is so much fun. No longer is it, "it used to be so much fun." It is a very good feeling to know that the majority of people my age sit at home and do nothing when there is snow on the ground, and I am outside having a great time, with cool people. This brings me to another point about running, we can do it for a very long time! There are more people running ultras that are above 50 years old than not. It is crazy to hear Reece talk about a guy that said he was "Kamikaze" running as he passed him down the hill, and he was old! This guy probably had double the foot skill as me going down a steep hill at top speed. I will be playing in the snow for a very long time!

I also have had other great conversations with Reece during these runs. We have discussed how it is great to use our legs! Not everyone has the ability to walk, run, or do the things we do. We shouldn't just sit around and feel sorry for these people, even though it is sad to see a young person in wheelchair. They do not want us to stop using our legs! So, why not use them as much as we can!?

That was only a couple discussions that Reece and I have had. I am really glad to be living out at his place. Whether we are fixing good food, running great trails, or jamming on the bongo's, it has been all been a blast.


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