Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nov. 8 - Nov. 14

Monday 11/8
AM: 6 miles (45:30).  Fire Tower
PM: 13 miles (1:37:44). Flood wall out and back

Tuesday 11/9
AM:  6 miles  (45:21).  Flood wall + 3 Barefoot
PM:  12 miles (1:20:00).  3 X 2k at Earl Thomas Conley Park 
5 Mile Warm-up: 37:00
2K: 6:05 - 1:30 jog, 1:41 rest
2K: 6:08 - 1:30 jog, 1:25 rest
2K: 6:08 - Done
3 Mile Cool-down: 22:00

Felt really good on this workout. Galen and I ran this up front the entire time. I felt relaxed, comfortable, and responsive, which are things I always have when I am running good.  

Wednesday 11/10
AM: 8 miles (1:02:44).  Fire Tower + Trails
PM: 12 miles (1:31:39).  Shawnee State Forest
Parked at camp OYO and ran the first part of this on the Day Hike trail. I turned right on what I believe is one of the many sections of the Silver Arrow BT. This ended up being new to me and a total surprise. I loved the section and found some new stuff. Wore my new 101's and liked them, could wear a 11.5 though.  

Thursday 11/11
AM: 6 miles (44:04) Fire Tower
No school for Veterans day.

PM: 9 miles (1:04:00).  Morning run + 3 miles Barefoot
Friday 11/12
AM: 3 miles (24:00).  Crabtree-Cemetery Rd.
PM: 10 miles (1:04:00).  12 x 1 minute hard at Earl Thomas Conley Park
Felt strong on all the minutes, unleashing some of my inner foot speed that people don't see much. 

Saturday 11/13
AM: 12 miles (1:31:00).  Brush Creek Main Trail + Ski Slope to Fire Tower
Casual run from the house on the trails.  Weekly mileage was pretty high so this is just a single run for the day.

Sunday 11/14
PM: 10 miles (1:14:00).  Kentucky Hills, B-Dub Trails, Flood wall + Barefoot
Ran about 40 minutes in Kentucky before I met the team at 4.  We ran an hour on the path behind b-dubs, then I added on a couple miles on the flood wall + 10 minutes barefoot.

Total Miles:  115 
Total Time:  14:04:12

This week was highlighted by the unlikely beautiful weather that came over Southern Ohio in the second week of November.  It was cool and crisp in the mornings, but by the evenings, it was time to strip the shirt off and enjoy the bright sun.  The week was just as good.  This was my first week in a while that I did not increase my mileage the week after a race.  It might not seem like tapering, but mentally I feel like I am and physically I am feeling stronger than ever.

The workout Tuesday was good.  I felt in control of my stride and very responsive.  Those are two things I like to have in my running arsenal.  On Friday, we did 12 x 1 minute hard and I was able to get the legs rolling, unleashing my ever so hidden leg speed.  Just a few short days until we fly to Washington and then another couple days after that until Nationals!         


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  1. Michael,
    I read your blog every week, because you are one cool cat. Your dedication is inspiring, and no one deserves a great race at nationals more than you. Go get 'em tiger ;-) and lead SSU to the best national appearance ever!