Thursday, November 11, 2010

Inside the Lens

I never knew why I initially wanted to be a photographer.  When I declared photography as a major my freshman year in college, I just liked taking pictures, getting a shot that I could work with, making it look great.  Then, I became disconnected with that aspect of it.  I began spending too much time in the dark room, reprinting the same image over and over until it came out to what I thought was perfect.  After a while, I lost that desire to see inside the lens and focused too much on the art of printing and the entire process of the dark room.  Before I was able to move into digital photography, I had switched my major to Sport Management.

I liked the photography program at Shawnee State.  Allison does a great job and really teaches her students well.  The entire time under her, I knew there was something more, something I didn't quite fit with.  I never realized what it was.

I came across this website recently and all of my passion for photography become flashing back in my mind.  Check out there first, second, and fourth video on this page.


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