Sunday, November 28, 2010

Nov. 22 - Nov. 28

Monday 11/22
PM:  8.5 miles (1:01:44).  Portsmouth, Morning Run + Bear Run
Ran with Alumni All-American Corey Culbertson when I got back into town after the flight back into Ohio.  Glad I got this run in, being cooped up on a plane all day isn't very fun.

Tuesday 11/23
PM:  16 miles  (2:00:33).  Shawnee State Forest
Parked at Camp Oyo and started on the North side of the Main Trail and turned left onto Silver Arrow. Got onto Forney Ridge and ran on road #6 until Silver Arrow again. Cut off onto the Day hike trail and added a small loop when I got back to Oyo.

Tried to go hard in some sections, up hills mostly. Felt decent. My quads have been so sore lately but it feels good. Cramming in mileage in the next few days because it makes me feel good... and I want to feel good.

PM:  5 miles (36:30).  Crabtree-Cemetery

Wednesday 11/24
AM:  28 miles (4:17:52).  Shawnee State Forest South Loop
Cramming some miles to "train" for the 50. Did the South Side of the Main Loop (said to be 27.5 miles but since I parked a little ways from the trail head, its about 28), connecting it with the Day Hike Trail at the start.

Car to Camp 3 (5.3 mi.): 46:56 (8:51)
Camp 3 to Camp 4 (5.2 mi.): 44:30 (8:33)
Camp 4 to Camp 5 (4.6 mi.): 44:21 (9:38)
Camp 5 to Camp 6 (3.0 mi.): 26:55 (8:58)
Camp 6 to Camp 7 (5.0 mi.): 58:53 (11:47)
Camp 7 to Car (4.5 mi.): 36:15 (8:12)
*The splits really show which sections of the trail were harder and hillier. That section from Camp 6 to Camp 7 was treacherous.

Felt really good most of this run. I didn't really know what to expect. The only section I felt down on was from Camp 6 to Camp 7. There were so many trees down over the trail and briers everywhere. I was getting frustrated at having to stop and climb over trees every couple of minutes.

I carried only 2 packs of PB Gel Blasts and only ate about a pack and a third. That's about 250 calories. Carried one bottle with me, was able to fill it up 3 times. So, about 60 ounces of water during this. I was dry at the end.

I stopped quickly 3 times to fill my bottle, twice to pee, and once to tie my shoes, besides that I was running the entire time (although I probably could have walked faster up some of the hills.)

As for technical running, I felt smooth, the rocks were floating beneath my feet. I always get pretty good at this with a couple of days on the trail. If I take a few weeks off from running trails, then my first run back on them I am a little clumsy.

As far as time goes, it says I was 9:13 pace. Its probably accurate but with how rugged and hilly these trails are, its going to be that way. There is no way the trails in San Fran are this hard. I pushed really hard the last 4 miles.

It rained from about 13 miles to the end. I wore gloves, and after almost being mad about wearing them, I was glad I did because it got cold. Getting home and taking off my shoes and getting a shower was so good.

Longest solo run ever.

Thursday 11/25
AM:  12.5 miles (1:35:12).  Meigs County Gravel Roads
Ran before the family met for Thanksgiving Dinner.  Was going to run a bit more but I lost track of time and ended up leaving the McClure house later than expected.  Probably good to have a down day.

Friday 11/26
AM:  10 miles (1:13:52).  Meigs County Gravel Roads

PM:  6 miles (44:55).  Meigs County Gravel Roads
It is getting colder at night.  I probably saw 50 deer tonight.

Saturday 11/27
PM:  17 miles (2:07:30).  Strouds Run:  Thunderbunny and Sundown Trails
The trails around Strouds Run are spectacular around this time of year.  It seems as if there has been a lot of maintenance on them since the last time I ran there in the summer.  There are more signage and even a new trail I think.   

PM:  6 miles (43:20).  Crabtree-Cemetery
Peculiar quick run under the stars.    

Sunday 11/28
PM:   15 miles (1:55:39).  Brush Creek Trails from House
Legs felt a bit fatigued on this run.  I had a big week of mileage so I decided not to run a second run for the day.  I can use the time for writing papers anyways.  

Total Miles:  124 
Total Time:  16:17:17

This week was my first week ever of not being considered a college athlete.  I suppose I might run some track meets in the spring, but as far as being at SSU for a varsity sport, it is over.  The good thing about this week was not doing a workout.  Week after week of hard, grueling workouts under Eric Putnam really get to you after a while and the first week of not doing one feels good on the body.  Even though I am not taking any time off from running like the majority of people will do, the time off from workouts will take the place of 0 mile days.  Plus, I have something else to train for, as a lot of you may know....

The North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Miler is in just 6 days.  I did not exactly know what to do for the two weeks in between Nationals and the 50 miler, but I like what I did in this week.  I will more than likely cut back the miles in this upcoming week.  I have a good plan for the race and I am anxious to see what happens.  I know what I want to do about fuel intake and water intake and now I just have to execute it and see if it will be productive.  None the less, this will be a huge learning experience for me.  Here is a simplified preview of my goal:  stay with the leaders for as long as possible. 



  1. From the NAIA National championships to the de facto ultra trail world championships. Wow! Good luck in California!(really.) You'll get a good taste for the ultra world this weekend.

  2. Just saw your blog... Impressive running background you have. Here's some advice. In this race some of the leaders will go out too fast, hang back and be patient, the real race wont start until after bootjack the second time through, then ramp up. Drink and eat alot early. Good luck !

  3. Michael - I just read about you on's TNF 50 mile preview. Man, I'm excited for you this weekend! You obvisouly have a great short-distance running background. It looks like you did a great solo 28 miler last week in the middle of a pretty big mileage week. Definitely take it easy this week. As far as the race this weekend - run fast, stay relaxed, fuel properly, and take Dave's advice from above regarding some who will go out too fast. It will be fun to see how you do! Enjoy.

  4. Dave,
    Thanks for the advice. I suppose when I wrote "stay with the leaders" it was a fairly subjective comment. I know who will "actually" be the leaders and I will let the other guys go. Looking forward to meeting you and some of the other guys. Good luck.

    Thanks for the nod on your site.