Monday, November 22, 2010

Nov. 15 - Nov. 21 : Week of 2010 NAIA Nationals

Monday 11/8
AM: 9 miles (1:09:41).  Fire Tower + Trails 
PM: 10 miles (1:10:34). 2 x 1 mile at the course.
6 mile w/u: 45:33
1 mile: 4:52 - 1 min. jog/2 min rest
1 mile: 4:52 - ...
2 mile c/d: 15:10

Felt solid on the two miles. On the second one coming back through the finishing field, I dug pretty deep and found an extra gear. Felt really strong and in control.

Air was a lot colder today, so the lungs were working harder than they have had to do. Breathing was deep but my heart rate was back down to 80 after about 4 minutes of resting after the second mile hard.

Tuesday 11/9
AM:  8 miles  (59:10).  Flood wall
PM:  12 miles (1:25:49).  Portsmouth + Barefoot

Wednesday 11/10
AM: 12 miles (1:25:00).  2 x 1k at Race Pace.
The team met at 7:30 and ran before we headed to Columbus for the flight to Washington.

Thursday 11/11
AM: 9 miles (1:04:00) Fort Vancouver, WA
Ran the course in the morning with the guys.  There were minor alterations on the course that eliminated the sharp turn after 800 meters.  Wet and muddy.

PM: 3 miles (23:00).  Night Run in Fort Vancouver, WA
Snuck out on the course with my headlamp to keep my jittery legs from being uncontrollable.  Rained.

Friday 11/12
AM: 5 miles (37:00).  Fort Vancouver, WA
Ran the to the course from the hotel, did three laps, barefoot sprint drill, and ran back to the hotel and stretched.  This suspense of this run was nearly unbearable. 

Saturday 11/13
AM: 14 miles (1:33:00).  2010 NAIA Nationals Championship

Sunday 11/14
PM:  23 miles (2:46:00).  Forest Park Trails, Portland, Oregon
Drove to Forest Park in Portland Oregon with Paul, Schroeder, and Wysocki and met up with Mueller, from Paul and Adams area.
After running with them for 12 miles Keegan and Erock met up there and I ran another 1:18 with them.
The trails were simply amazing and so well maintained. The foliage and greenery were breathtaking and so much different than Ohio. I had a great time on the run and it was just want I wanted after yesterday.
I only took about 5 gels and no water on the entire run. I felt good still, and the pace was actually fairly quick.

Total Miles: 105
Total Time:  12:33:08

Natural low week of mileage because of Nationals.  I like the approach I did up to the race.  But still, I didn't race the way I wanted to.  I won't go far into the race on here, I already wrote about it once.  I am at ease in my mind now.


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