Sunday, August 15, 2010

Camp Week + Alumni 5K

Starting Monday, the entire team was back in town for a good old week put aside just to run, do nothing, and meet new friends. A lot of good things happened in this week and many memories, friendships, and miles were had by everyone. This has always been one of my favorite weeks of the year and it is sad that this was the last one of four in my life. Next year just won't be the same.

Monday 8/9
AM: 5 miles (37:00). Morning of Hangover "shakeout".
PM: 12 miles (1:09:02). Hangover 5 Mile Time Trial. This went great. Check out my post before to see greater detail of this adventure.

Tuesday 8/10
AM: 4 miles (30:00). The team got this morning off, but Reece and I did an easy 4.
PM: 12 miles (1:25:00). This was probably the worst run of the week for me. Just the sincere pounding for 8 miles on the roads in 95 degree heat. The heat index was up to 107, plus the radiating heat from the asphalt made it even worse. Reece and I added 4 more miles on the grass flood wall after the team finished. Still ran good.

Wednesday 8/11
AM: 10 miles (1:10:30). Did the longer of the two runs in the morning. Don't want to be in the heat anymore than we are.
PM: 5 miles (35:30). Rains came before this run and cooled us all off. Only the upper class men and women ran.

Thursday 8/12
12 miles (1:25:00). Decided to run 12 and make it my only run of the day. The team did 8, I added on more on the grass flood wall. I can't wait till the Field Turf gets finished so I can run some barefoot. Race Friday.

Friday 8/13
AM: 4 miles (30:00). Ran before we had to meet at the course. I wanted to get some more miles in.
AM: 2 miles (16:00). Team met at the course for a "shakeout". Picked up sticks and stones along the course. Had a great team meeting afterwards with the guys. Set out our training goals, end results, and quotes.
PM: 9 miles (1:00:36). SSU Alumni 5K. Did 6 miles total warming up and cooling down, plus little over 3 from the race. I'll get to the race details below.

Saturday 8/14
12 miles (1:24:30). Met the team in the morning. Ran with half the group and coach behind B-Dubs. The dirt paths were nice and I was happy to be on roads minimally this run. Felt great considering the race the night before.

Sunday 8/15
19 miles (2:18:00). Long run of the week. Didn't get one in earlier this week. Just too much going on with the team and I did a lot of two a days. Drove up with Reece to Scioto Trails to meet with Joe and Keegan. Kept it on gravel service roads most of the way. Pace was quicker than most long runs just because the miles weren't on the trails. Felt smooth and strong.

Total Miles: 106
Total Time: 12:21:08


This race day started out just as any other afternoon race day day would start for me. Wake up fairly early and do any easy 4 or 5 miles. After I did 4, Reece and I drove to the course to meet with the team. We would all do a loop around the course, 2 miles, while we picked up sticks and stones. Even though it rained Wednesday, the course was only minimally muddy and didn't pose a threat to any slower times for that reason. Soon to find out, any slow times would surely be caused by the staggering heat rolling off the ever so close Ohio River. The humidity is just brutal in this part of the state in August. After the run with the team, Reece and I headed a team meeting without the coaches to set out our training goals and projected results. This has been something we have did the past two years and it seems like everyone likes what it does. It took about an hour and I think everyone was really motivated afterwards.

After going back home and resting, we were all to meet back at the course at 5:45, the race started at about 7:10. By 7:10, the big hills toward the Northwest cast a shadow over the course. This would lower the temperatures a little, but it was still very hot. From the start Keegan and I was out in front. We were flying. The first 800 we came through at 2:14. We were still side by side at the mile, 4:43. Last year, The pack came through at 4:58! This year, the closest people behind Keegan and I were at 5:00.

One thing I will say about our course is that it is very hard to run side by side. The "S" turn after the mile really makes it hard to stay together. Someone is always going to be on the inside. Plus, there are a few spots with ruts where the person on the right side, will gain a nice edge. During this race, I must of been in the right spot at the right time. Luckily, I had ran the course that morning and knew some spots to avoid and consciously not go there. In the "S" turn I got a few strides ahead of Keegan. I don't think the distance between me and him changed from then on. We finished the race 1 second apart, me at 15:36 and him at 15:37.

Just like at Hangover, it was tough holding off such a great runner. He was right there in my peripheral vision for the last two miles. We were going very hard through the last field and up to the finish and I was able to come through ahead. The rest of the team ran good as well. Shawnee State runners took the top 14 places in the race.
Brad Liston was 3rd just over 16:00
Chuck Wentz 4th
Galen Dills 5th
Jeremy Anderson 6th
Josh Linkous 7th
Blake Jones 8th
Blake Wysocki 9th
Justin Hornick 10th
Paul Webb 11th
Reece Brown 12th
Eli Gerlach 13th
Adam Schroeder 14th at 17:00

So, a pretty good showing for us. Hot conditions and a tough first week, especially for some of the younger guys. I am happy with the way I felt and how smooth I was running after that first mile. We went out a little quick, and even though our pace slowed, we ran fast. I was running on strength alone and think that when we get to doing some speed work, everything will come together for these long races.

I had a great first week with the team and it can only get better on Monday during the 3x2 mile workout! Right?.... right

Run On


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