Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Week Before. . .

After running alone most of last week, this week was much different. I only ran alone a few times and was accompanied by someone on a lot of the miles. This will be even more evident next week as the team is all together again. The week before Cross Country Camp is always relieving. I know that if I make it through that week, the rest is easy! The biggest struggle of summer running (for some people) is running alone. Once the season starts, its easy to join 20 other guys to run. I cannot wait for tomorrow and to see everyone for the first time this season!

Here was my final week before camp and my 5th week at 100+ miles:

Monday 8/
AM: 12 miles (1:29:05). Drove out to Hangover in the morning for a good out and back run. Went a little ways past the gate and back. Felt fairly decent for a Hangover run.
PM: 6 miles (44:00). Ran out to the Fire Tower and on the way there Reece was on Crabtree-Cemetery doing some sprint drills. Good day.

Tuesday 8/3
AM: 9 miles (1:07:00). Reece and I ran in the morning. Out on the pavement and back on Crabtree-Cemetery.
PM: 6 miles (44:00). Ran with Corey and Reece up to the Fire Tower.

Wednesday 8/4
16 miles (2:00:00). Did the "Point to Pinnacle" route that I did last week. Reece ran about 13 of this with me. Very cool morning in the forest.

Thursday 8/5
13 miles (1:32:20). Back in Meigs County for a few days. Ran around 6pm, right before a great dinner by Moma Owen.

Friday 8/6
AM: 8 miles (57:00). Morning run around the back roads in Meigs County.
PM: 7 miles (50:00). Same as the morning, but not in the morning.

Saturday 8/7
10 miles (1:09:00). Went up to the Eagle 5k, not to race but just to watch. Matt Michino won, Boyles second, and Chris Davis was third. Michino ran a 15:57 and set the course record, it made me want to race seeing that. Ran he cool-down with the guys and some more on my own.

Sunday 8/8
16 miles (2:00:00). Had a great time at Keegans party the night before and stayed at him and Cara's house for the night. Woke up around 8 and started running at 9. Hauke was out there as well. Felt good and was moving at a nice pace near the end.

Total Miles: 103
Total Time: 12:32:55

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