Sunday, September 27, 2009

Solid Week

This past week was pretty busy, with school and running I did not have anytime to post a new blog. Now, I am at work, in the library, and finally have some down time. Seemed like I was always on the run last week. Sleep, run, eat, work, class, run, eat, study, and back to bed was the typical day last week.

The week of running went really well, even with the busy days. I only ran in the city of Portsmouth twice in 7 days, so that is a definite plus. Monday and Wednesday we ran in Portsmouth, but the other 5 days I was either at the course doing a workout, Hangover doing a workout, the forest for a run, or home running on some back roads. Tuesday we did 5 x 1 miles at the course. A lot of us were pretty tired and had sore legs, but the workout still went well. I ran 4 of my times just under 5 minutes and the other one was 5 flat. I was happy about how loose I was able to get throughout the reps, and finishing strong on the last one. Friday, we did a 2 mile at Hangover and 5 X 3 mites hard with 60 second rest coming back. That went really well also. Corey, Link, and I all finished together at about 11:08. The 5 x 3 minutes hard were awesome as well, go got to flying on the last couple. I feel strong and ready for All-Ohio after that.

Due to the Bear Run we went out to the Forest on Thursday this week. The Bear Run was a huge success as our guys not in the top 9 raced it, a lot of PR's. There were also about 800 people that participated in it. Thursday, Shane, CC, Paul, and I went out and parked by the Pond on Pond Lick. We didn't run trails, but did run on the gravel service roads above Hangover. To get to the gravel road we ran up a 2 mile paved hill. I told everyone that it was only one mile, I guess I was wrong, they didn't like that too much. I could have swore it was just a mile based on last time I ran up it but I guess I was wrong. Oh well, it was a great run.

Today, I ran a 15 mile run by myself back home. I woke up early before church and started at 6:20. The run went real well, moved into a solid pace as I 'woke up.' Mom had an awesome breakfast waiting on my. Cream of wheat with toast, blueberry's, bananas, and chocolate milk; can't beat that. Then, after church my family went over to grandma and grandpas house for a sweet lunch. I was able to chow down since I had already ran. It was like Thanksgiving all over again. I love food!

I almost got sick this week as well. Thursday morning, I woke up with a stuffy nose and hoarse voice. So, I stared fighting the sickness! A lot of people on the team are sick and the two people I live with are sick so it is hard to stay healthy, but I feel I do the right things to stay healthy. I started making sure I was hydrated all day, washed my hands a ton, wore breathe right strips, and kept taking my vitamins and fish oil. Now, I feel like I am not sick, so I beat it! Take that Swine Flu! haha

A few tests in school, beating a sickness, and a solid week of 94 miles makes for a good week. Now, on to next week. One workout on Monday, then All-Ohio is on Friday. I can't wait to get to race it, I feel like our team is fit and primed for this course. Bring it on!

Running Free, WMO.

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