Monday, September 14, 2009

Rise up this Mornin', Smiled with the Risin' Sun

After one of my best workouts of my career on Monday, the week was just getting started. This was my second week at 100 miles, so I knew it would be one of the hardest weeks of the year, especially with the two workouts thrown in there. Those two workouts turned into 3 on Tuesday though. After Erock slightly yelled at us for running the Morning Run too slow that morning, a few of us were mad, which always results in a really fast, silent run. We ran the morning run in 38 minutes, which is 7:38 pace, a true recovery run in my opinion. Anyways, the run ended up getting to the point of dropping 5:30 miles. Our total pace for the 8 mile loop was under 6 minute pace, so more than less, this run was a workout. Luckily, after the run, Corey and I talked to coach and he wants us to run the morning run at 36 minutes or faster and everything was settled. I just do not want what happened two years ago happen this year. We ran our morning runs in 32 minutes a lot of the mornings and that was the year we did not run good at the end of the season and did not make it to Nationals. I do not want that to happen again and it won't.

The next day, Corey, Shane, and I drove out to the trails to run. Our legs were all pretty sore, so we ran on the Lakeside Trail, up to the Lodge and around the Nature Trail, and back to the car. I ran an extra 5 miles to get 13 in for the day. Even though our legs were tired, I had a god run. As I was finishing my run it started sprinkling. We were really fortunate, because as soon as we got on the road to drive home, there was a full force thunder and lightning storm. We even had to wade through water to our ankles to get our milkshakes. Since we left the school at 2:45 we beat the rain, the guys that ran back in town started at 4 and had to run in the storm. Another benefit of running trails!

Our 4 x 2k workout was supposed to be Thursday, but since the course was too wet, we pushed it back to Friday. Thursday was just a distance day; I did 5 in the morning and 11 at night. The workout on Friday was the same workout as we did two weeks ago, and I ran a bad one. This one was different. Linkous, Corey, and I led them all and ran a great workout. The times went like this: 6:16, 6:22, 6:11, and 6:16. On that last one, Linkous ran 6:11, and the third one I was a bit in front of Corey and Link. But us three were in front on all of them. Galen is out with a pretty bad sprained ankle right now. It is getting better and he is able to run on it, just not this workout. I am sure he will be alright and able run this week. Milkshakes and a pasta dinner with Rockband capped off a great day.

Saturday morning, we had to do a little community service, all the athletes at Shawnee had to. We met in front of the school and headed out to a section and picked up trash. I did not realize how trashy Portsmouth is. It was so horrible. I ran an easy 10 after that.

That night was the Ohio State vs. USC game. Ohio State were huge underdogs, but had the lead up until USC's last drive of the game, they scored, and OSU couldn't score in the minute and a half they had left. It was really depressing. We should have easily won this game. When the score was 15-10, we had so many opportunities to score. But, with Tressel, we never put the game away. And Pryor is not ready to play in these types of games, not smart enough. Something has to change, because we haven't beaten a high ranked opponent in forever! I am getting tired of it and it really makes me sick watching them lose. One good note, our defense played awesome and USC was ranked 3rd. Oh well.

Up till Sunday I had 82 miles for the week. So my Hangover long run was 18 miles. It was a good 18 miles too. My legs were still pretty sore from the hard week and the pace was quicker than normal, but the run went by smoothly and good. The only bad thing was that my PowerGel somehow popped out of my pocket while running. I did not feel it happen and no one picked it up, so I did not get to take that. I probably could have used it, but I felt good enough not to need it. Once we got on the road, a lot of our miles were below 7 minutes or right around it. So, that finished up a great week of training, 100 miles. Backing off this next week for the Cedarville meet, I think we are going to do very well.

Now, on to a busy week of school. Can't wait to race. Just 10 more weeks till Nationals!

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