Thursday, October 1, 2009

The Wind is Blowing Through My Hair...

This week has produced the first comings of fall. Monday and Tuesday had highs in the mid 60's with a ton of wind. We did 6 x 1k's on the flood wall with a wall of wind hitting our face on the even numbered reps. That workout went real well, as we were clipping off sub 2:50 with the wind at our back and sub 3 with it in our face. Got some our legs rolling on some flat ground. Wednesday had a high of 55 and today I woke up with it being 40 degrees out! I think the temperature is suppose to go up next week but this week has been pretty cool. I like running in this type of weather, the air feels more crisp. Especially in the Forest yesterday when we ran up on the ridge.

I sit here on my final day before our All-Ohio race, trying to keep my anxiety to a minimum. This anxiety is not the type of anxiety that something bad will happen or that I am scared. It is the type of of anxiety that has me feeling eager, ready to go! I feel like our team has put in a lot of work leading into this race, with hill workouts at Hangover and some shorter leg turnover workouts to compliment Hangover. Nothing but good can happen tomorrow. I am fully prepared to go in and upset some bigger teams and get a top 5 finish as a team. This is not a far fetched goal, because we can really finish top 5. We Bears just need to go run like we should. We are finally to a level that we have never been too as a team and now we need to run like we deserve it!

The Hay Is In The Barn......

Ready to Run Free!


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