Monday, September 7, 2009

Not Like Last Year. . .Hangover 5k Time Trial

Last year I wrote in my log on September 1st:
"Hangover 5k #1. Ill just say this is the worst workout on Hangover, if not ever for me. Ran a mile and a half for a warm-up plus some sprints and stuff. Then the 5k was poor, 20:40! Over a minute and a half slower than last year! Than the 3 and a half minutes on the way back with only 90 second rests. Those were super slow. Everyone beat me! I have never felt so bad in my life! Hangover is taking its course!"

I hardly remember that run. Corey and I were talking about it and he said he remembers me telling him that I would not run good. He told me, man don't worry, you'll break 19 still. Well, I did not run good at all, and I did not break 19. I ran a whopping 20:40. Wow. At the beginning of last year, I was suffering from back pains really bad, probably worse than what I thought at the time. even though my 08 summer training was good, in the 70's and I was running good workouts, my body was not 100%. Luckily, I made improvements and by the time Nationals rolled around and I ran a good time. But, this year, I feel that these types of logs are in the past and I will never have 'the worst workout ever.'

Today, just over a year later, was the Hangover 5k time trial. This time, it was better. Corey and I had the same idea at the beginning, we didn't know this at the time though. We did not want to start the time trial out as slow as the 5 miler a few weeks ago, so we were pressing hard from the time Erock said GO. I went out harder than him and was in the lead from the start. I went through the first mile in 5:38, about 10 seconds up on everyone else. I felt comfortable being in the lead and kept pushing up the hills and attacking the downhill’s even harder. At the 2 mile, I was at 11:13, so my second mile was 5:35. I never thought I could negative split at hangover. At this point, Eric was about 6 seconds back from me and Corey was back there as well. At this point, the hills were really making me work. I was no longer as comfortable up them, but I pushed just as hard. Eric got a few seconds back with about half a mile left. From then on he stayed about the same distance back until the finish. I crossed in 17:44! Almost and entire 3 minutes faster than last year! Eric finished a few seconds back and Corey was low 17:50's.

This could be a Hangover 5k course record. No one could remember what Keegan ran it in, but I know it was fast. Keegan, if you read this, let me know what you ran this in last year. Anyways, I am proud to have run that fast, especially after how bad I did last year. This year, for me, it is a whole new experience in everything. I love it. After the 5k, we had 3x3 minutes hard with 90 seconds rest. I also ran very well on these. I find these to be more mentally challenging than anything. It is easy to just drop back and run with the pack. But when you press hard and get a lead, it is all mental if you want to stay in the lead. Your legs hurt, but if you just keep pushing, and telling yourself, 2 minutes left, 1 minute, 30 seconds, 10 seconds, and boom! It's over. Being tough in a workout is what makes a tough racer.

This morning I had a good barefoot run as well. I ran a mile and hopped up on the flood wall, took off my shoes, and ran a few miles barefoot. This is a great way to strengthen my feet, along with getting in touch the 'natural' way of running. My feet were glad to be running free for once, and it was a nice shakeout to get the day started.

After we left Hangover, some of us went to the Brewery for some pizza. The pizza is greasy there, but the tradition of half off Brewery pizza after Hangover runs is always nice. Right now, I am enjoying a nice cup of Seattle’s Best Special Blend Coffee. Reading some ChiRunning in a bit, and off to bed, dreaming of Running Free(er).

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