Ohio Valley Running Company is Athens, Ohio's first and only specialty running store and I'm really glad to be a part of it.  It has been my mission to promote and grow running in SE Ohio since moving back home in 2012 and one thing that was always missing was the central hub for runners, a brick and mortar running store.  When I met now store owners Jonathan Bernard and Ariana Davies we started working on making that happen.  I manage the day-to-day happenings in the store, and get to represent the shop from their support and sponsorship when I race.  It's a perfect fit, and I love wearings the OVRC brand across my chest each race!  #OVRC #RunAthensOH 

UGo Bars are made without preservatives with natural and whole ingredients in small batches.  This sort of product is exactly what I believe in as an athlete and it has been great working with the owners because of their commitment to providing a fresh and healthy energy bar.  A bar handcrafted by avid runners for runners and athletes - it's a natural fit to endorse such a trusted product.  And it is really nice to support a Midwest company based right out of Bloomington, Indiana!  Check out their products online and find where they're sold locally!  #WhereWillUGoToday? 

I remember winning my first pair of Swiftwick socks for finishing in the top 10 at the 2012 Mountain Masochist 50 Mile Trail Run.  I had always used "normal" running socks prior to that pair of Swiftwicks.  I've worn Swiftwick for every ultra and long run since that day and have been completely satisfied, literally not having a single blister.  I couldn't imagine wearing or endorsing another sock, Swiftwick rocks!  #DoWhatMovesYou #beSwift #ChasingAdventure

As I get a little older and wiser into my Ultra Running career, I am starting to understand the importance of keeping myself healthy for the future.  Along with being incredibly stylish and functional, having Julbo along for training and racing protects my eyes from harmful UV rays as well as the glare from snow and cold winds during winter.  Julbo has been making shades since 1888 so they've perfected their product and have the best mountain, performance, and lifestyle eyewear for outdoor enthusiasts!  #JulboAthlete