Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Introducing Southeastern Ohio Trail Runners (SEOTR)

The past couple months you may have seen a couple posts about a new trail club I have been in the process of developing.  I'm excited to announce the formation of Southeastern Ohio Trail Runners or SEOTR, a new non-profit organization that covers SE Ohio.  SEOTR is a group of like-minded people from the area who love to run and who love trails.  Our mission and vision will be based around these objectives:
1. Create a community of trail runners - establish a trail running culture in SE Ohio
2. Direct and host high-quality trail races in SE Ohio
3. Give back to the trails we use

I'm excited to have the opportunity to be a part of such a great group and see the growth of trail running and ultra running in SE Ohio.  What is so special, I think, about this area is the abundance of state parks and state forests, etc. that are untapped with potential for prime trail running.  Myself, along with a contingent of other runners in SE Ohio, have made that connection with these natural areas and want to share them with the community in the form of group runs, trail races, and community events sponsored and put on by SEOTR.

In early November, an informal meeting and run was held in Athens, OH to "introduce" SEOTR.  22 people attended the meeting and 12 people shared a group trail run after at Strouds Run State Park.  After this, things started to get underway to make the organization "official" - sanctioning, 501(c)3 status, etc. 

Similar organizations and trail running cultures that I am aware of gave me a lot of inspiration in the development of SEOTR.  Groups such as WVMTR, VHTRC, and ultra-running cultures like the one in central VA, plus others from around the country have given me confidence and frameworks for a successful trail running group.

So, I wanted to use my personal blog to further expand SEOTR to the public.  SEOTR does not currently have a website and is using Facebook pages for information and reaching people.  A website is planned for the future though.  Click on the link below and "Like" SEOTR's page!  Some group runs are scheduled and you can see when on the events page.  If you are from SE Ohio, join us for a group run and be a part of our organization! 

"LIKE" SEOTR on Facebook   

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