Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Inaugural Meeting for New Trail Running Club in SE Ohio

For now, I am using my blog to disseminate information on the formation of a new trail running club in Southeastern Ohio.  Sometime in the future, the organization will be looking to develop a website.

The first meeting for a new Trail Running Club that covers Southeastern Ohio will be held on November 10th at 4:00pm at the Athens Community Center. Everyone is invited – whether you are a seasoned trail runner, road runner, beginner runner, or just someone who enjoys the outdoors, we want you there! The meeting will cover topics such as:
-club logo and color (brand)    
-what the goals and objectives are
-what types of events will this club host
-how this club can give back to the community...
-and more!

Your ideas are what will make the club – since this is the first meeting, the direction and shape of this club will be influenced by you. The meeting will last about one hour, but please stay and join us for a group trail run after. From the Community Center, there is easy access to Sells Park and a wealth of singletrack trails that leads to Strouds Run State Park.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me at or via Facebook. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Happy Trails,
Michael Owen


  1. Michael,
    Best of luck with the new club! Inspiring to seeing someone so young already trying to give back to the community. Gives me a bit more impetus for trying to do the same thing in Southeastern Utah. :-)

    1. Bryon, thanks for the encouragement! You and others that lead the way in the ultra community are definitely huge inspirations. See you in the Marin Headlands Dec. 7th?