Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January 2012 in Review

The new year is already one-twelve through - such a quick month, but a good one nonetheless.  Not just in running, but in life too, I've added new aspects to my daily schedule and the increase in tasks apparently make the mental time lapse warp along.  Moving to central Virginia has given me a new portal for trail running and my eagerness to explore the local land has sparked a steady increase in mileage.  I've gone from running trails once a week to everyday of the week and it is entirely refreshing!  Also, I have had the pleasure of meeting and running with a few other land-lovers in the local Blue Ridge Mountains, giving me a chance to gain some nice elevation.  I'm looking forward to exploring the land even more in the coming months.

Here is my weekly mileage for the month of January:                  

Dec. 26-1:  105 miles (12:52:27)
Jan. 2-8:     110 miles (14:19:22) - Frozen Sasquatch 50k
Jan. 9-15:   116 miles (14:41:59)
Jan. 16-22: 125 miles (16:39:34)
Jan. 23-29: 125 miles (16:11:51)

Total for January:   535 miles (69:34:15)

 Never too early to wake up for a race.
Typical week-day starting point.
Monday's at Moe's
 Here's a new addition to my recent training.


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