Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 (planned) Race Schedule

I find it quite futile to sit here and write a blog about a year race schedule.  Last year I planned on a schedule and it didn’t nearly shape up to how I envisioned – due to many changes throughout the year.  Trail-running is growing so rapidly that any given weekend one can find a race to run (especially in certain regions of the States.)  The elite runners are even seeing a growth in races offering prize money and that is sure to make some people reconsider the races they place on their schedule.  Then, there are the races with no prize money but with a deep and rich history that are perpetually appealing to any runner.

For me, since I am living in Virginia now, a whole new list of races will be readily available that weren’t last year.  So far, this is what I have on my list of races that I am fairly certain on running:

  • January 7:  Frozen Sasquatch 50k – Ran in this race the past two years and have always enjoyed the people and course.
  • June 2:  TNF EC Washington D.C. Regional 50 Mile – One of North Face's regional races that has seen some good competition the past few years.       
  • July 21:  Angeles Crest 100 Mile – Since I was not selected to Western States, I really wanted to find a 100 miler in the West and the more I read and learned about AC, the more I want to do this.  It has one of the stoutest course records around, set in 1989 (my birth year), and is said to be a spectacular course.
(Edited 1/11/2012 - Ok, so a few days after I wrote this post, I found out Angeles Crest has already closed registration - it is full already... I was a few days too late it seems.  Looking for a new summer 100 miler.)
  • September 29:  Ultra Race of Champions (UROC) 100k – Really liked my experience at UROC this past year (even for being a DNF) and will look forward to going back to avenge last year’s performance.  Plus, it is only an hour from Lynchburg!
  • December 1:  TNF EC Championship in San Francisco – This is a really long time from now but everyone is doing this thing and I thoroughly enjoyed the race, course, and experience in 2010.

Those are races that I know I will be running or really plan on focusing throughout the year.  Here are some other races that I am considering:

February 11:  Holiday Lake 50k
March 24:  Terrapin Mountain 50k
April 28:  Promise Land 50k
May 5:  TNF EC New York Regional 50 Mile
May 12:  Ice Age 50 Mile (*If I for some reason decide to try and qualify for WS at the last second)
November 3:  Mountain Masochist 50 Mile


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  1. I'll see you at several of these I'm sure! This is a nice morning for Sasquatch. I'm getting ready for classes to start on Monday -- and still on R&R -- or I would have taken you up on the challenge. You'll have the record shortly.