Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Course of Action

UROC --------------- 15 days completely off (moderate jogging, to get places, playing with dog, or testing new trail that I've been blazing.... etc.)

Oct. 10 - 16: 30 - 35 miles
Oct. 17 - 23: 35 - 40 miles
Oct. 24 - 30: 40 - 45 miles
Oct. 31 - 6: 45 - 50 miles
Nov. 7 - 13: 50 - 55 miles
Nov. 14 - 20: 55 - 60 miles
Nov. 21 - 27: 60 miles
Nov. 28 - 4: 65 miles
Dec. 5 - 11: 70 miles
Dec. 12 - 18: 75 miles
Dec. 19 - 25: 75 miles
Dec. 26 - 1: 80 miles

.............................. or something close to that.  I like seeing things written down.

As simple as those figures are for me to look at, I think this time I am taking to "heal" myself and re-engage into running will open up a huge first of the year opportunity to put in long runs and big weeks when I move to VA for school.

As much as I would like to run TNF EC in San Fran. again this year, I simply cannot justify spending the money to travel to the West coast and not be adequately prepared to run the best race I possibly can.  Last year I had 22 consecutive weeks of 100+ miles leading up to TNF EC - I'd like to get to that point before I race again.

2011 was such a choppy year for me, unlike the consistent 2010 year I had.  Although I had a few good races, my training was so scattered with a little achilles injury that put me down for seven days and another seven day stretch leading up to UROC that I took off due to apparent fatigue.

I want to get back to consistent training again - so I'm going to do that.



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  1. Sounds reasonable Michael. I'm planning on NF50 this year although living in Oregon makes it a little easier to get to. Keep your head up heading into winter...your speedy background is surely to yield great results in future races. Being a guy that didn't start running till I was 25 (I'm 27 now) I'm jealous of someone at your age with such a great running base/background :). Great blog design by the way. Is this a blogger template? Very clean and minimal. Take care, David.