Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Training for UROC

While all the well-known popular ultra runners have been training and preparing for the highly hyped UTMB race, I have been recovering from BR100 and getting ready for another widely talked about ultra, UROC.  UROC is a race I think I can do well in and maybe have an advantage over some of the "top" ultra guys since they are racing overseas less than a month before the race.  It is also on some more formidable mountains, ones that I have more experience running on. With that, this is the first ultra I will be doing with, to me, not the type of training I would normally like to have going into a longer race.  I get confidence from big mileage weeks and long runs and since BR100, I have did neither.  It has been three weeks since BR100 and I have five weeks till UROC - I'm looking forward to see what I can piece together in these five weeks.

Here is what I did from BR100 to now as far as training goes:

7/1 Mon - 0 Miles, 2nd day off after race
7/2 Tues - 0 Miles, 3rd day off after race
7/3 Wed - PM:  3 mi (24:00)
7/4 Thur - PM:  4 mi (30:44)
7/5 Fri - PM:  5 mi (39:54)
7/6 Sat - PM:  5 mi (41:27)
7/7 Sun - 0 Miles, Still feeling rough.
Total:  17 mi (2:16:05)

7/8 Mon - PM:  8 mi (1:02:58)
7/9 Tues - PM:  5 mi (36:17)
7/10 Wed - PM:  6 mi (48:53)
7/11 Thur - PM:  8 mi (59:00)
7/12 Fri - AM:  3 mi (23:00)  PM:  10 mi (1:00:30)  SSU Alumni 5K - 16:22.  Went out and ran my hardest and this is what I got.  Was 2x defending champion but got 9th this time around.  Would have liked to see what I could have ran without a 100 miler 13 days prior.
7/13 Sat - AM:  5 mi (36:05)  Chillicothe, OH with Juicy J.  PM:  12 mi (1:34:01).  Shawnee State Forest
7/14 Sun - AM:  8 mi (1:02:44)  Brush Creek Area 
Total: 65 mi (8:03:28)

7/15 Mon - AM:  12 mi (1:30:00)  Hangover 5 Mi. Time Trial - 30:22.  Had to rejoin the Bears with this familiar tradition and surprised myself with my third fastest time on the course.  
7/16 Tues - PM:  16 mi (1:58:11)
7/17 Wed - PM:  8 mi (1:01:38)
7/18 Thur - AM:  5 mi (38:00)  PM:  8 mi (1:01:21)
7/19 Fri - PM:  14 mi (1:46:28) 
7/20 Sat - AM:  10 mi (1:14:13)
7/21 Sun - AM:  11 mi (1:34:44)  Lancing, MI 
Total: 84 mi (10:44:35)

I have started to get back into a rhythm with my running.  Daily and weekly mileage is going up but I am still not feeling as fresh as I was before BR100.  The past few days have been refreshing though as my legs are finally getting that feeling that they can just keep going as long as I wished for them to go.

It is the time of year for colleges to start again and this is the first time since I was four years old that I am not preparing to go back to school.  It is also the first time in quite a while that I will not have daily practices, weekly meets, and all the other types of functions that I grew used too.  I am not working a solid job which I had hoped to get after college and my mind really does not know what to do.  When I do not have a constant flow to my day I get bored and when I get bored I end up getting lazy.  Took me by surprise, college ending.

Running will come to me as it always does.  Now, I am just in the process of finding what to do aside from running, which is the bulk of ones life.....


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