Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Check Out This Blog.....

I want to recommend and ask for anyone reading this to check out a friend of mines blog.  Her and her friend are both recovering from an injury that has kept them away from running for quite a while now and have decided to create a blog together to learn, reflect, and become whole runners again.  They have different styles of training and mileage but results are very similar.  My friend, AyeDubbs (her alias on the blog), is better at longer distances and consistently pounded out 100+ mile weeks before her injury and CClark trains shorter distances and faster workouts and is better at the mile and shorter events.  They remind me of Keegan and myself, as we are train very differently (he trains fast at 60 miles a week and I train slow at 120 miles a week) but still have 8k PR's only 5 seconds apart.

Their path to recovery is different too and are trying different methods to recover.  They hope to learn from each other and ultimately get to the same point, again - that is to be able to run healthy and free.

Check out their blog, they just started it today but plan on updating very soon!  Leave comments, offer advice, and help them in any way.  I am still convinced AyeDubbs is bound to be an ultra runner someday but she is too fast for that right now - maybe she just doesn't want to show up all the men at local 50k's and 50 milers - she won't let me convince her to do them but someday she'll fold ;).

Here is the website.  I also will have it linked up on the right side of my blog for future clicks - give em support!

A Clean Slate - Two Runners, One Goal...



  1. Wow, mike. Thanks for linking us! It's true, someday I'll go ultra. ;)

    Okay, now I am going to go read your new post. Thanks again!

  2. Thanks so much! I'm hoping a little bit of AyeDubbs training methods can rub off on me so I can get even faster! Once we figure this whole thing out, we'll link your blog in too!