Monday, June 13, 2011

Yearning for Trails

I wish the phrase "the long and winding road" would be "the long and winding trail."  Since moving back to Meigs County, I have not been running many trails.  It's been about four weeks now and I have touched trail just once - I had to drive 30 minutes to get there and they were mostly overgrown.  I was fortunate to have easy access to trails for the past four years via Shawnee State Forest when I was at school, but there are no trails around here.  To be relieved from asphalt I mostly run the gravel roads that are plentiful in Meigs County... they don't compare to sweet singletrack though. 

Luckily for me, I will be spending a good bit of time on trails in the coming weeks.  I am flying out to Denver to meet a friend on the 21st and heading up to Boulder for a little while and then down to Colorado Springs and camping a few nights.  After my friend leaves to go up to the Tetons with his mom, I don't know how much longer I will stay out there - hopefully a good while.  I am definitely looking forward to running on the trails in the Springs and wherever else I go.  If I am still around for the 8th I would love to head to Silverton and watch Hardrock... I've never been to a 100 miler.  I just don't have much way of transportation besides public transit and my feet.  Should be a good time.

Since the marathon 16 days ago I have resumed running normally.  I ran the day after and decided to take two days off, since then I have been running a good bit.  Last week I hit 82 miles for the week and my body feels smooth and rejuvenated despite the 90+ degree weather.  Summer running has always been my favorite season to run - probably because its a time to just run mileage and no workouts or races.  Now that college running is over, I guess that's what I'll be doing year-round. 

That's it for now.



  1. Any races line up this summer fall? Hope to see you out there. Saw you at NF50 last Dec. I'm thinking of heading back this year to do the full 50 (did the 50K last year). Take care.

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  3. Ahhh!!

    Bummed I won't be around to run when you are in CO. Certainly hit me up for any beta/questions on the are or whatever though.

  4. Hey there, one of my best friends in Meigs sent me your blog. Let me know when you are out here and I can at least point you to some awesome trails. I probably can't keep up but I could start with ya..haha


  5. I yearn for you to train for big important races they show on TV