Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jan. 30 - Feb. 6

Monday 1/31
AM:  13 miles (1:33:41).  Floodwall + Barefoot
Connected both of the floodwalls with the Bear Run in between.  During the Bear Run sections I was running close to 7 minute miles.  I also took off my shoes for a little time on the turf.
PM:  7 miles (52:14).  Fire Tower
Wysocki and I came out to the house early and ran to the Fire Tower.  After I crossed the gate going to the Fire Tower I decided to go for the record up to the fence.  Went 4:24 which is a 10 second record.  I was happy with that effort!

Tuesday 2/1
AM:  20 miles (2:29:01).  Brush Creek Area
Did not plan on doing this much but once I got outside I was feeling good and decided to go long. I did two loops around the Main Trail at Brush Creek + 2 Fire Tower summits. As I was getting ready to get back to the house I turned left onto Sedan-Crabtree instead of right and decided to run some faster miles. I did about 4 consecutive miles hard (6:45, 6:45, 6:42, 5:53). That last one I really pushed hard, it was mostly uphill but I got some motivation by three angry dogs chasing me. I felt fairly smooth and comfortable running at a "quicker than normal pace."
PM:  5 miles (38:19).  Brush Creek Area
It was raining the entire run, but the sound of rain in the trees and the swirling water in the once frozen creeks made for a mellow run. 

Wednesday 2/2
AM:  12 miles (1:29:21).  Portsmouth + Barefoot
Ran after my first class. I am discovering how hard it is to find time for trails these days. For a split second I thought about utilizing a treadmill today because of the gale force winds!. I don't know why I though this, its not me. Once I was outside I realized the wind doesn't hurt that bad. Plus, if I kept running East it was to my back. To bad I had to turn around.
PM:  5 miles (35:18).  Portsmouth
Ran around the Biker Loop a little on the West Floodwall and back. I met up with Sara as she was running the mile back to her house. Back to school from there.

Thursday 2/3
AM:  12 miles (1:29:49).  Brush Creek Area
Main loop, plus Fire Tower, plus a little more on the trails. 
PM:  8 miles (54:11). Portsmouth
Drove into town for a team meeting and ran this run with Bradley. He goes off of this heart rate thing and was apparently feeling good because we finished this run a good 2 minutes up on all the other guys. His garmin indicated we went closer to 8.2 miles but I will log it as 8. Last two miles were under 6:30. Its all about the science baby!
I am happy with the way I felt on this run. I knew I would feel good, because I rarely have a bad 2nd run of the day. Plus, being with a big group of guys for the first time in a while made me want to stay up on them. Set to do a little temp type run tomorrow.

Friday 2/4
AM:  5 miles (36:40).  Floodwall + Barefoot
Flood wall for 3 miles and barefoot on the turf for 2.
PM:  10 miles (1:05:22).  Portsmouth, Spartan Municipal Stadium
First "structured" workout since November. I met the team at four and we did a continuous 4 mile super-controlled run on the track. Hit our times right where we aimed.
-warm-up: 21:06
-Mile 1: 6:00
-Mile 2: 5:59
-Mile 3: 5:28
-Mile 4: 5:28
-cool-down: 21:18
-Total: 1:05:22
This felt very smooth and I was relaxed the whole way. I know this doesn't even compare to some of the workouts I have did in the past, but for easing into this workout stuff, this is perfect. Breathing was real and on mark

Saturday 2/5
AM:  28 miles (4:12:27).  Shawnee State Forest
Counter-clockwise on the Main Trail from Turkey Creek Lake Parking Lot until the Hangover Intersection.  Left on Hangover until Road #2.  Right on #2 and left of Mackletree Bridle Trail down to the Lookout Trail.  Left of S.R. 125, right on the Dayhike Trail, and left on the Connector Trail that brought me back to my car.
Somehow I convinced Corey Culbertson to join me on this run.  He walked the last 2 miles to the car but this was his longest run by 6 miles, next to his 20 miler I convinced him to do with me last fall.  Besides that, 15 miles had been his most.  I did fine all things considered.
The run went well for me.  I never hit a low moment and kept a nice smooth pace.  There were many sections of hills that made this run challenging but compared to the last 28 miler I did in November, this was a bit quicker.
The weather could not have been worse.  The forecast called four 40 degrees and no rain until after we would be finished.  But, it was raining as we started so I wore my wind jacket.  I got warm halfway through the run and took off the jacket but quickly had to put it back on because it started getting real windy.  The last 15 miles were full of high winds and sleet.
Took about 360 total calories and 40 ounces of water during the run. 

Sunday 2/6
AM:  12 miles (1:32:43).  Brush Creek Area
Main Trail + Fire Tower add on. Finished up with a couple miles on the road. After yesterdays run, I am pleased with the way I recovered and how I felt on today's run.
PM:  8 miles (58:47).  Fire Tower

Total Miles:  145
Total Time:  18:27:56

This week provided for a busy running schedule and I got a good mix of fast and slow runs.  I did a little 4 mile tempo on the track with the team that I was very pleased with.  Although it would seem I have lost some foot speed with all the miles lately, I would feel confident about getting it back real soon if I had too.  Early in the week I also finished a run with a few sub 6 miles.

Aside from short faster stuff, I did my first long(ish) run since the 50k in early January.  I was very pleased with the way I felt on it and how I have recovered since.  I imagine I will do one or two more weeks of a weekend run around that same distance before the Neuces 50 miler, which I officially registered for in this week. 

I have also succumbed to the "new media world" and created a Twitter account.  If anyone is interested, there is a widget of my updates in the upper-right side of my blog.  I find it a good way to keep up with ultra-news, such as the Rocky Raccoon 100 Miler Saturday.  I followed a little bit of the progress via iRunFar's Twitter Updates.  I am very impressed with the 12:44:33 Ian Sharman threw down.


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