Sunday, February 13, 2011

Feb. 7 - Feb. 13

Monday 2/7
AM:  12 miles (1:25:24).  Portsmouth + Barefoot
PM:  8 miles (1:00:17). Fire Tower

Tuesday 2/8
AM:  20 miles (2:40:00).  Brush Creek Trails
Most of this run was on the trails in Brush Creek. There was a fresh layer of puffy snow all over but the ground underneath was not yet frozen leading to a soft, mushy landing every step. That inclined me to stay out there much longer than I had anticipated because it was like running with no impact. Feeling pretty good.
PM:  5 miles (37:39).  Brush Creek Area

Wednesday 2/9
AM:  8 miles (1:01:51).  Brush Creek Area
PM:  12 miles (1:26:30.  Portsmouth

Thursday 2/10
AM:  5 miles (37:58).  Meigs County
PM:  12 miles (1:26:48).  Strouds Run

Friday 2/11
AM:  8 miles (58:24).  Portsmouth
PM:  11 miles (1:15:59).  Cedarville
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Saturday 2/12
AM:  30 miles (4:08:00).  Shawnee State Forest
Parked at the intersection of Roads #4 and #1. Headed right onto the Main Trail and left on the Silver Arrow down towards the Horse Camp. Got onto the new Conleys Run portion and ran Conleys Run until the Light Blue Connector trail all the way up to where Shake Hollow BT turns into Pigeon Roost BT. From there I ran down Forney Ridge after getting water at Campsite #1. I connected back to Silver Arrow via Hobey Holley, down to Camp Oyo and got more water at Campsite #3. Did the left portion of the Day Hike trail from there until it brought me up to Silver Arrow again. Finished up on Road #2 and finally the torturous paved downhill back to my car on Road #4.
After getting home late from the meet last night I slept until about 10:30 and didn't start this run until 1:45. I put together a much easier "deformed figure-8 type loop" than last week. Also, I must mention, the weather compared to last week was incredible (40 degree's, sunny). I stayed high on the ridges most of this run, and when I did go low, I was low for a few miles. The hilliest sections were the first couple miles on the Main Trail and when I got onto the single track Day Hike trail. In all the other sections, it was gently rolling hills.
When I was around 10 miles I looked at my watch and I was just faster than 8 minutes per mile and I carried a quicker pace for the next 5 miles or so on Pigeon Roost down to Forney Ridge. I was probably a little slower than 8 minute pace from 15-25 miles but I would venture to guess the last 5 miles were a steady 7:30, especially the last 1.5 miles that were all downhill on pavement. 30 is what I call the total, even though I probably was closer to 31-32.
Took in 400 calories (Clif Shot Bloks) and about 50 ounces of water. I felt like that did me well. It was very muddy on most of these trails but a bit of snow-covered-frozen-ground remained on south-facing slopes. I wore the Montrail Masochist for their first long outing with me. I was pleased with how they felt.
Very happy with this run all in all. Also, this was my longest solo run.

Sunday 2/13
AM:  12 miles (1:30:10).  Brush Creek Area
PM:  8 miles (1:02:44).  Fire Tower

Total Miles:  151
Total Time:  19:13:24



  1. Great stuff Michael! 150M and breaking 15 in the 5k. Have you seen Geoff's post on up and comers? He has us both on there. Nueces is going to be a great race.

  2. Yeah, I saw the post. It was good, and my blog stats have gone up a lot since! Can't wait for the Nueces race.