Sunday, January 23, 2011

Jan. 17 - Jan. 23

Monday 1/17
PM: 19 miles (2:16:55).  Fire Tower x 10. 
Yesterday, Wysocki went out and set the Fire Tower summit record with 5 trips up and down the hill in the same run.  I have never tried to do a lot at once but his feat made me want to go out and do even better. The hill is around 1200 meters from the gate to the fence around the tower, not to steep but running 7 minute pace is a struggle (5:15). The fastest I have ever ran it was 4:34 last spring. It is all loose gravel, making the footing not so sure and right now the snow is sill making it a little slushier. Here is what I did:
15:50 to get there.
1. 5:22.....5:05 down
2. 5:28.....5:00 down
3. 5:26.....5:02 down
4. 5:24.....5:00 down
5. 5:00.....5:08 down
1 minute walk
6. 4:51.....5:21 down
7. 5:36.....5:18 down
8. 5:42.....5:19 down
9. 5:22.....5:31 down
10. 5:00.....5:35 down
15:25 to get back
So, I was able to do 10 of them at respectable times, besides numbers 7 and 8 they were all under 5:30, even one real low at 4:51. This was a fun way to get a lot of miles in, 19 total, and it will provide for a good challenge on a later date. Plus, this was about 9 or 10 miles of just pure uphill running on the day.  Although this does not get my legs absolutely "rolling," this is as structured as a "workout" that I have did since cross country season. 

Tuesday 1/18
AM: 14 miles (1:45:00). Brush Creek Area, Fire Tower x 2
Ran on the House Trails with Karhu for a couple of miles.  I am glad I have found a dog, and even more glad that her favorite thing to do is run.  Can you imagine that!? 
PM: 6 miles (46:48). Brush Creek Area

Wednesday 1/19
AM: 7 miles (48:21). Portsmouth
Kept this entire run on the roads after my first class.  Foot problems.
PM: 13 miles (1:37:00).  Kentucky Ridge, Flood Wall
This was just one of those runs where I might of well not been running.  It would have been better if I could have did my entire run in Kentucky.  Alas I had to turn around due to the ridiculous amount of mud that covered my shoes.  It was not worth tromping around with 10 lb. feet.  Finished up on the flood wall.

Thursday 1/20
PM: 17 miles (1:09:01).Brush Creek Area
Did all of this days running at once.  Karhu joined me for 5 miles on the House Trails before I headed out on the Main Trail.  My footprints were nearly covered with snow by the time I got back to the house. 

Friday 1/21
PM: 12 miles (1:36:40).  Shawnee State Forest
I woke up and my foot was hurting pretty bad. Yesterday was basically pain free so I thought it was better... wrong. Looks like it was a little swollen for the first time.  So, I went and talked to Boggs, who was just as surprised as I was to be in the trainers room and not just to weigh myself or get in the ice bath.
He looked at my foot and pulled, twisted, yanked, and pounded on it every which way. He asked me if I felt any pain? I never know what to say to this question. He suggested it might just be inflammation or a little strain in a ligament, like an ankle sprain. I haven't "sprained" my ankle in a long long time but he said with all the miles I am doing something could have happened somewhere a long the way. I asked what the possibility of it being a stress fracture and he said that it would be hurting a lot more than it was, plus it feels better on runs, when the muscles and ligaments get stretched out.  I am hopeful that this won't be much more of a problem than it is.
So, after the training room stint, I headed out to the forest, almost forgetting what I had just been told and ran on a snow covered rocky trail. After 35 minutes my foot was still hurting so I got off the trail and ran about 25 minutes on the road before finding the Lookout Trail right off of Mackletree Road. I ran this the rest of the run and my foot started feeling better.
PM: 4 miles (32:24).  House Trails
I like that my excuse to run is to "take Karhu out for exercise."  She was loving the fresh snow.

Saturday 1/22
AM: 12 miles (1:30:04).  Brush Creek Area
Did the Main Trail plus 2 x Fire Tower additions.  I went hard up it the second time thinking I might get the record since there was good traction with a fresh set of truck prints in the snow.  But, my legs weren't up for the push.  Didn't even break 5 minutes.  I like pushing hard for a little but every now and then.
PM: 6 miles (44:42).  Brush Creek Area
Ran with Wysocki until the Main Trail branch-off and I headed back solo.  Good day with the foot after yesterday's debacle.

Sunday 1/23
AM:  4 miles (31:05).  House Trails
Morning "feel good" run with Karhu the Dog.  She cut the run short!
PM: 15.5 miles (1:59:39).  Great Seal
Met Keegan and Suka at the Lick Run trailhead for for fun snow running in Great Seal.  The snow drifts made for some slow conditions but overall it was a good, fun run.  Legs were a but tired, but not bad.  Foot = good. 

Total Miles:  129.5
Total Time:  16:17:39

Looking back, this week seemingly went by rather quickly.  Something I have been having a bit of an issue with lately is my left foot.  Even though I haven't mentioned it much, it has been about three weeks since it has been bothering me.  I do not deal with injuries very well and blocking them out seems to be the best option; this is not to say that I do not keep a close eye on a problem though.  When I woke up on Friday, simply blocking out my foot was not an option, so I went and talked to the trainer at the school later that day.  The visit was reassuring and I am more understanding of what the problem is.  He said it seems like a strain to one of the ligaments, the posterior talofibular ligament.  With that, icing seems to be keeping the inflammation down and doing different types of loosening exercises throughout the day keeps it from getting too rigid.  I can deal with this.

This week saw another increase in mileage (even though I said I would be sticking around what I was at last week.)  Without the fast workouts of past years wearing at my legs, I feel more up for longer running.  Plus, this is a natural progression I feel.  Something I am going to start very soon is running one longer run, 25-35 mi., a week.  I need to quit pidder-paddying around; I guess the snow is scaring me with the already strenuous trails out at the forest.  I'll buck up sooner or later.  Other then that, I will most likely keep the in-week routine of 15-22 miles a day for now.

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  1. Nice work on the mileage man!

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