Wednesday, December 1, 2010

November in Review

Here is just a quick tally of my training from November and the year: 

Month of November Miles:  484
Month of November Time:  60:10:54 (2 Days, 12 Hrs., 10 Min., 54 Sec.)

Fairly good month of running for me.  For the beginning of the month,  I was in such a rhythm and just going through the motions.  Wake up, run, go to school, go to practice and run more, home, sleep.  That was my daily life for a good amount of the fall.  I started lowering my mileage a bit for nationals and then back up in mileage the final week of November, only to begin lowering again for TNF EC 50 (a good article by Bryon Powell) in a few days.  After the season was over and the team stopped meeting at four, I was able to get back to having a little spontaneity in my running.  This is something I have enjoyed a lot.

Total Miles of Year:  4,823


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