Sunday, December 5, 2010

Nov. 29 - Dec. 5

This is just for record keeping purposes and my more extensive North Face Endurance Challenge race recap will come in the following days.

Monday 11/29
AM:  8 miles (1:00:02).  Fire Tower + trails
PM:  5 miles (38:00).  Portsmouth
Ran to the car shop, picked up my car, drove back to the school and continued on the flood wall and turf barefoot.

Tuesday 11/30
PM:  12 miles  (1:29:51).  Silver Arrow BT from Camp Oyo
Parked at Camp OYO and went South on Silver Arrow.  Went out 47 minutes and came back a little over 4 minutes faster.

AM:  12 miles (1:29:15).  Trails from the house
Just did the main loop and up to the fire tower a couple of times.  It snowed.

Thursday 12/2
AM:  8 miles (1:01:40).  San Francisco, CA
Ran along the bay toward the Golden Gate Bridge and turned around when I got to the bottom of it. 

Friday 12/3
AM:  3.5 miles (28:00).  Marin Headlands
After a day of driving around the course seeing the different aid stations, I ran a little to get a good feel of how these trails are.  Ran from the Bootjack aid station parking lot.

Saturday 12/4
PM:  52 miles (7:17:47).  The North Face Endurance Challenge, 50 Mile Trail Championship
There will be an entire write-up of this to come in the near future.  Here are the results though.   

Sunday 12/5
PM:   3 miles (24:00).  San Francisco, CA
To gain the full experience of the ultra, I ran a little around town in the morning.  

Total Miles:  103.5
Total Time:  13:55:05

The week of my first ultra.... Dropped my miles a good bit.  One cool thing about this week is that it has now been an entire year since I have taken a day off.  My last day off was December 4th of 2009.  I suppose that streak will be longer unless I just feel I can't run sometime in the next couple of days.

Like I said, check back soon for a full post about the race.



  1. great race very excited for your future.

  2. Awesome race Mike! I had a feeling you would kick some ass in ultra races. Now you just need to move to Boulder and get in with the "gang".

  3. Thanks Jeff. Moving to the Boulder area could actually happen soon. I am in the grad school application process and U of Colorado is on the list. We will see what happens with that.

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  5. Cool Mike, good luck! It would be great to have you here to run with.