Monday, October 18, 2010

Tentative Running Plans

Lately, I have been thinking about what I will be doing the rest of this year running wise.  I usually do not like setting out specific weekly mileage, but I won't sit here and lie and say I do not think about it non-stop.  I like numbers, I like stats, anyone that reads this log knows that I do.  I know every mile (roughly of course) that I have ran since Jan. 1st 2007.  I keep track of it on paper,, as well as on this blog.  I study past workouts, mileage, and everything in between.  I am becoming more and more aware of what works for me and how I run fast.

Here is a rough week to week mileage plan for the rest of this year and shortly into 2011:

Oct. 18 - Oct. 24:  113-116 (Aquinas meet, naturally low due to a race week)
Oct. 25 - Oct. 31:  120-122
Nov. 1 - Nov. 7:  115 (Conference week)
Nov. 8 - Nov. 14:  115 (Off week before Nationals)
Nov. 15 - Nov. 21:  100-110 (Nationals week, pending if I can get a long run in Sunday morning after the race)

Nov. 22 - Nov. 28:  120 (At least one 3 hour run this week)
Nov. 29 - Dec. 5:  130 (50 Mile Trail Championships)
Dec. 6 - Dec. 12:  130 (Maintain mileage the week after)
Dec. 13 - Dec. 19:  140
Dec. 20 - Dec. 26: 150 (This has to include a long Christmas day run)

Dec. 27 - Jan. 2: 150
Jan. 3 - Jan. 9:  140 (Frozen Sasquatch 50k)

After this, I am not sure what direction I will be going.  It looks like I am peaking or saving up for the Frozen Sasquatch race but I really am not.  I will be doing it for fun more or less, with intentions of winning of course. 

It might seem like I am setting myself up for failure.  Maybe so.  But, I am knowledgeable of people that do this type of mileage, the way I will be doing it.  I know what they do and what happened to them.  I know their weaknesses and I plan to avoid those things.  If I just stay in my head and really listen to myself, I will be fine.

In fact, after the 50 Miler, I might just feel like taking it easy.  But, with the way I see things currently, I will not want to do that.  My body might make me though.....

My aspirations and goals run away with themselves.  200 mile weeks are in the 6 month future. 


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