Sunday, October 3, 2010

September + 9/27 - 10/3

My Week:        
Monday 9/27
AM: 8 miles (1:00:32).  Fire Tower.
PM: 12 miles (1:25:16).  3 x 1200/800's on the flood wall.
1200 - 3:44 - 90 sec. jog/1:15 rest
800 - 2:23 - 90 sec. jog/1:30 rest
1200 - 3:32 - 90 sec. jog/1:15 rest
800 - 2:18 - 90 sec. jog/1:51 rest
1200 - 3:31 - 90 sec. jog/1:34 rest
800 - 2:18 - DONE
Planned for this to be on the course but since it rained a good bit, Eric changed it to the flood wall.  Ran with the front group on all of these and felt real strong.   

Tuesday 9/28
AM: 8 miles (58:34).  Morning run with the team.  I added 3 miles on the flood wall by myself.
PM: 12 miles (1:29:30).  Shawnee State Forest, Road #6
Drove out to the Forest with Reece and Schroeder for this first lovely fall, chilly, wet, muddy trail run. We parked off of Service Road #6 at the Conley Run TH. I hoped onto the Silver Arrow BT after those two split off. I finished on Pigeon Roost.  123 miles for the past 7 days, a new high for me.

Wednesday 9/29
AM: 6 miles (44:00). Fire Tower
PM: 8 miles (59:00).  Up on the flood wall and behind it on the gravel road.

Thursday 9/30
PM: 6 miles (43:30).  Pre-race day run.  Up on the flood wall for most of this.

AM: 2 miles (15:00).  Morning Shakeout.  Laps around the loop trail, sprint drills in the woods and stretch by the pond.  Relaxing morning.
PM: 16 miles (1:46:42).  2010 All Ohio Championships
Big new PR: 24:42.8
Check out this Blog Post for more. 
Saturday 10/2
AM: 12 miles (1:29:30).  Shawnee State Forest, Road #6
Ran the same loop as Tuesday with my good friend and former All-American Corey Culbertson.  
PM: 6 miles (44:19).  Fire Tower
Sat on top the ridge and pondered for 35 minutes.  Good mental clarity session.

Sunday 10/3
PM: 20 miles (2:35:30).  Hangover to Upper Twin Creek Loop.
One of the runs that will go down for the ages here. Didn't really have any set time goals or even distances. Had a loop planned out and whatever it ended up being I was fine with. Now, I wish it would have been longer.
Started at Hangover with the guys, me and Reece turned left at the 6 mile gate, everyone else turned right or turned around for 12. Reece and I ran out road #2, turned left on Upper Twin Creek road (only concrete on the run.) After a mile on that road, we turned left on the White Trail. This trail was epic.

Got into Campsite 6 and turned right onto the Main Trail. Got back up to Hangover and casually ran the last two miles in.

This was the first so called "cold" run. In the 40's and a steady drizzle the whole time. Only thing I wish I had was my trail shoes. I just wore my Elites and I basically skied down the downhills. Fun time though.

Total Miles:  116
Total Time:  14:10:26

Happy with my overall week.  Of course, with a good race, I can't complain.  But also, I was able to get 116 miles in.  That is a benefit of a Friday race.  I will be back at it next Friday for the Shawnee Invite.

This was my 13th consecutive week at 100+ miles.  I only have 7 more weeks until Nationals.  


Total Miles:  473
Total Time:  57:06:23
Run Happy


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