Sunday, October 10, 2010


I found myself 2.5 miles into the Shawnee State Invitational brushing shoulders with a guy named Jairus Kipkemoi from Lindsey Wilson.  I felt confident, relaxed, and very controlled.  My mind was set on winning this race and there was no question at this point that I was going to do that.

The first mile was filled with Shawnee State guys, a few Cedarville guys and Kipkemoi a couple strides in front.  The mile was 5:00 exactly.  Keegan,  Kipkemoi, and I ended up getting a little distance on the rest of the race and it was us 3 at 10:00 for the two mile.  Kipkemoi and I opened a little gap on Keegan somewhere in the 3rd mile and it was just me and him at mile three, 15:00.  So, the first three miles were all 5 flat. 

Still running side by side with Kipkemoi at mile four, I heard the split at 20:18.  So, we slowed down significantly during the fourth mile, 5:18.  After 400 meters in the starting field, I decided it was time to take the lead and make my way to the finish..... alone.  When I took the lead entering the woods, Kipkemoi stuck on me.  There was not a thought in my head that he was going to do that; I regret it now and I should of waited.  He then passed me back as we entered the last 600 meters and won easily, seven seconds ahead of me.

It was evident that I was upset after the race.  Not at my time, I still ran 25:18, my second fastest time ever.  I was not upset with the team, we did great and did what we planned.  I am not even upset with getting second place.  I am only upset with the fact that I was presented a situation at the fourth mile and I simply failed to do the right thing.  By now, I should know what to do when racing one on one at the end of a race, especially with someone as smooth and talented as Kipkemoi.  It would have been much closer if I would of waited a half a mile longer to take the lead.   

But hey, lessons are learned everywhere in life.  I just learned mine at mile 4.5.....

Oct. 4 - Oct. 10

Monday 10/4
AM: 8 miles (1:01:42).  Fire Tower.
PM: 13 miles (1:23:32).  5 x 1 mile at the course
Did the first two miles, turned around and did it backwards, and did the first mile for our 5th one.
1. 5:00 - 2 min. jog/1:15 stand
2. 4:55 - 2 min. jog/1:11 stand
3. 4:48 - 2 min. jog/1:08 stand
4. 4:55 - 2 min. jog/1:18 stand
5. 4:53 - DONE

So, not a bad workout for me. Even though everyone thought the course would be muddy, it somehow is not. Means Friday will be a good clean race. Times were consistent. The fourth one is way harder than any interval with the hills and windy straight away, but everyone pushed through it well.

I ran up front on all of these, with Keegan, Link daddy, and Coach. On the last one, even though I ran a good time, a few people came by me. Keegan dropped a 4:41, sick! I am really glad he is coming along, we will work so well together in races.

Final thoughts on the workout: PR'd by 50 seconds 3 days ago, ran 18 miles two days ago, 20 miles yesterday, and 8 miles this morning. Legs were heavy to say the least, but an glad I still ran great. Just as good if not better than when we did this a few weeks ago.

Tuesday 10/5
AM: 7 miles (51:52).  Morning Run + Flood wall
Really tight and tired to start out this run but started getting faster as the run went on.

PM: 12 miles (1:30:36).  Brush Creek Trails
Decided to just drive out to the house to run trails.  The run went well. 

Wednesday 10/6
AM: 6 miles (45:54). Fire Tower
PM: 9 miles (1:04:00). Flood wall + Morning Run
Wore my new Karhu shoes.  They feel good; I like the lightness of them.

PM: 6 miles (45:00).  Earl Conley Thomas Park

Friday 10/8
AM: 4 miles (31:00).  Morning Shakeout + Strides
Four miles, plus strides in the woods, plus a nice stretch on the dock.
PM: 11 miles (1:11:18).  2010 Shawnee State Invite 
Read above.

PM2: 4 miles (30:00).  Crabtree-Cemetery 
Came home after the race and just needed to get some fresh air.  Ended up doing four miles, it just happened that way.  Went to the pond when I got back for a really nice stretch and 15 minute soak.  The stars were plentiful again.

Saturday 10/9
AM: 13 miles (1:37:00).  Kentucky Creek Bed Loop
Team practice at 9 am.  We all ran in Kentucky, out Flat Hollow, then up the creek bed trail.  It was nice up there.  The last 3 miles of this run is literally all downhill.
PM: 3 miles (24:00). Crabtree-Cemetery
Night run with the headlamp.  Had a good time all day at Reece's birthday party.  But, I needed out of the house for a little while.  Came back and soaked in the pond and stargazed with some people.

Sunday 10/10
AM: 20 miles (2:30:00).  125 Main Loop + Hobey Hollow + Day Hike.
Ran long on the trails by myself. I parked at the 125 parking lot. Headed out on the Main trail all the way down to Hobey Hollow. Followed the Hobey Hollow up the ridge and turned right back onto the Main trail down to Camp Oyo.

At Camp Oyo (~ 12-13 miles) I got some water. Ended on the Day Hike trail back to my car. Had to add on about 2 miles on the Lakeside trail when I got back to make it closer to 20.

This was a great loop and looking back, if I would of just split onto the Silver Arrow BT instead on the Main Trail, I could of made this loop a full 20 without adding on as much. This was also a very hilly loop, with a lot of very technical spots. Roots and rocks all over.

It was as nice of a day as it will get. Not a cloud in the sky. Feeling strong.

Total Miles:  116
Total Time:  14:05:54

Keeping the good times rolling.....


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