Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oct. 25 - Oct. 31

Monday 10/25
AM: 8 miles (1:01:00).  Fire Tower + Trails
PM: 11 miles (1:18:34). Flood wall
Tuesday 10/26
AM: 7 miles (52:14).  Morning run with the team
PM: 13 miles (1:37:48).  Crabtree Trails
The workout was pushed to tomorrow because a big storm was to come through at 4. It did.

I ended up going home once I heard it was tomorrow and ran on the trails. I started in the calm before the storm. Then, 30 minutes in I was hit hard by wind and rain. It was actually a little scary. But, it ended up being a great run.

Wednesday 10/27
AM: 6 miles (46:20). Fire Tower
PM: 14 miles (1:36:40).  1 mile, 12 x 400, 1 mile at the course.
Tough workout, but it was a good one. The mile was the first mile of the course. We did the 400's in the soccer fields where we did the 20x400 a couple weeks ago. Then, the last mile was the first mile of the course the opposite direction.

I felt good throughout the intervals. I definitely felt better as it went on. The last few 400's I started in the back of the group and worked my way through to the front.

The last mile was smooth. I remember my sophomore year I ran 5:25 for the last mile. It was so windy today, as it is every year this time of year at the course.

Warm-up - 34 min. (stretch, sprint drills)
1 Mile - 4:54 : 2:33 jog to 400's, 3:46 rest
400 - 1:11 : 60 jog, 33 rest
400 - 1:08 : 60 jog, 43 rest
400 - 1:10 : 60 jog, 41 rest
400 - 1:08 : 60 jog, 44 rest
400 - 1:11 : 60 jog, 38 rest
400 - 1:09 : 2:00 jog, 2:28 rest
400 - 1:09 : 60 jog, 45 rest
400 - 1:10 : 60 jog, 42 rest
400 - 1:10 : 60 jog, 36 rest
400 - 1:05 : 60 jog, 43 rest
400 - 1:07 : 60 jog, 46 rest
400 - 1:05 : 2:40 jog to mile mark, 3:10 rest
1 Mile - 4:52 : Done.....
Cool-down - 22:00

5 miles of intervals = 23:27
Jogging between reps = 17:13
Cool-down + warm-up = 56:00

Thursday 10/28
AM: 6 miles (44:00) Flood wall + 4 barefoot
Ran in between class.
PM: 10 miles (1:14:30).  Shawnee State Forest, Main Trail
After riding around the forest all day taking pictures for an article, I got this run in.  Felt really smooth.

Friday 10/29
AM: 6 miles (46:42).  Fire Tower
PM: 9 miles (1:00:00).  Two Mile Time Trial at Spartan Stadium
Two Mile Time Trial:  Ran 5 before the time trial, only 2 after.

I felt really strong in the two mile. Settled in behind some of the guys for the first mile, Eric was leading hitting 70's, went through in 4:40. I took the lead after that and dropped a couple of 68's to get rolling. Ended up getting passed by Eric and Keegan.

Finished with a 9:16, a 14 second PR. Went 4:40, 4:36.  Pleased with everything.
Saturday 10/30
AM: 10 miles (1:15:08).  Skinner Road
Went back home for the weekend and ran an easy 10 out and back my road.  I was pretty high in mileage for the week so I took this day easy.  

Sunday 10/31
PM: 20 miles (2:27:00).  Kentucky Trails + Flood wall
This was only my second long Sunday run in town all year.  The rest of them have all been at Hangover or on the trails out there.  I ran 1:20:00 by myself on the trails in Kentucky and then the rest of the run was with the team on the trail behind b-dubs.  With them, I was going around 7 flat pace.  I felt good on the run, never took any gels or water.

Total Miles:  120
Total Time:  14:39:56

Month of October Miles:  536  (most ever in a month for me)
Month of October Time:  65:07:51  (2 Days, 14 Hrs., 7 Min., 51 Sec.)

Solid week of training again.  Due to some heavy rain and even heavier winds, the workout was not ran until Wednesday, which gave us a lot of recovery.  The workout went very well.  Then, on Friday, we did our 2 mile time trial at Spartan Stadium.  I ran a 9:16, which is a 14 second PR.  I am very pleased with that.  Then, some solid weekend running.  I also packed on some more weight this week.  I had noticed I was down about 5 pounds from earlier this season and decided to consciously  eat and drink more, which has resulted in me weighing back up to normal.  That's besides the point though.

The real point is that, there is only 20 more days until Nationals and the excitement around the team is growing.  Conference is this week and it should be a fun time.  Not knowing what will happen, but I think we could seriously put 15 guys in the top 20 of the race, which should be illegal. 


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