Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oct. 18 - Oct. 24

Monday 10/18
AM: 6 miles (47:00).  Fire Tower.
PM: 13 miles (1:267:00).  3 x 1200/800 on flood wall.
4 mile warm-up and 5 mile cool-down + 4 miles barefoot. 
3 x 1200/800's on the flood wall. Eric said his garmin messed up when he was measuring so he guesses with the lines. So, the 400 splits were wavy, and it might of been long overall. But, we can just go off of time....

1. 1200 - 3:39 : 400 jog, 54 rest
2. 800 - 2:21 : 1:30 jog, 1:37 rest
3. 1200 - 3:36 : 400 jog, 58 rest
4. 800 - 2:21 : 1:30 jog, 1:45 rest
5. 1200 - 3:34 : 400 jog, 1:09 rest
6. 800 - 2:17 : Done.

So, a good workout. I increasingly got faster on all the intervals. I made a conscious effort to never go to the well, and I didn't. Relaxed and controlled. Keegan, Wysocki, and I pretty much went 1-3 on these.   
Tuesday 10/19
AM: 8 miles (58:38).  Morning run with the team
PM: 13 miles (1:32:30).  Flood wall
Ran up on the flood wall and behind it on the gravel road

Wednesday 10/20
AM: 8 miles (1:02:00). Fire Tower + Trails

PM: 10.5 miles (1:12:43).  2 x 1k on Flood wall
Warm-Up: 32:14 (~4.5 mi.)
Intervals: 6:09 (1.25 mi.)
Cool-Down: 34:20 (~4.75 mi.)

Did a controlled 2 x 1k up on the flood wall. Felt really relaxed and smooth on both of them. Only a 10 second jog in between them.

Got a few miles barefoot afterward on the turf. Grass on all of this except the twp mile warm-up with the guys.

Thursday 10/21
AM: 7 miles (52:20) Flood wall + 2 barefoot
Ran in between class.
PM: 8 miles (59:39).  Shawnee State Forest, Lakeside Trail
Ran on the Lakeside trail.  It was covered with leaves and it is a very rocky trail.  I rolled my ankle a million times and was getting very frustrated.  I never roll my ankles like that.

Friday 10/22
AM: 2 miles (15:00).  Sedan-Crabtree
PM: 5 miles (37:00).  Aquinas Course Preview
Saturday 10/23
AM: 15.5 miles (1:43:17).  2010 NAIA Great Lakes Challenge
Warm-up 3 and cool-down 7.5 with Ayedee.

The race went great.  We won by a good bit.  Keegan and I ran together for literally the entire race.  We were in a kicking battle and he won.  He was 24:46 and I was 24:47, 3rd and 4th place.  Galen wasn't far behind at 24:56, Brad was 25:15, Wysocki was 25:22, Linkous was 25:47, and Chuck was 26:00.  By far, this was the fastest race Shawnee State has ever had.

The course was perfect.  It did not ran the week before but rained that night and morning of the race.  There was no mud or wind though.   

Sunday 10/24
PM: 20 miles (2:40:39).  Hangover
Went out and back at Hangover.  Grabbed water and Hammer Gel at 12 miles.  Went up and around the tower and then out and back on to 3 miles on Hangover.  This entire run was with Corey Culbertson, his longest run ever by 4 miles.  He held up strong.  We were clipping off some nice splits near the end, 14:13 for the last two miles, not bad for Hangover.   

Total Miles:  116
Total Time:  13:47:47

Great week of training.  Good workout and the Aquinas race.  The race was great and it was our best team race in school history.  I ran 24:47, my second fastest time.  I am not content yet.  I have four weeks left in my college career and have 27 days until the big day.

Mr. Wysocki coming in as our solid 5


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