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Groin Pains and Bye Bye "Real All-Ohio"

On October 15th of 2007, my freshman year, I wrote this in my training log:

My groin feels like it is going to explode!

That statement was made after the grueling 20 x 400 meter workout we do once each cross country season.  I still remember hurting my groin, not bad, but definitely some kind of pull or strain.  It was at the start of one of the 400's.  Of course, I finished the workout, finished the year, and ran through the injury just like I have always done.

Even though it has nearly been three full years, that same groin still hurts once in a while.  It seems like the initial onset of speed workouts is what triggers it.  I never feel it during base training periods or even during the first month of workouts.  After doing the 12's and 8's on Tuesday and the race at Iona I am feeling it again.

I am not worried about it.  It is not restricting me.  It actually has already gone away and I did not feel it in the Friday workout.  I am three years older and three years wiser and I know how to treat my body a lot better.

Since this upcoming week is All-Ohio week, I wanted to say my few words about this meet.  

The All-Ohio Championships has always been one of our biggest meets.  We get to see how we stack up against all the other teams in Ohio.  Although there are several teams in Ohio that do not regularly attend this meet (Kent St., Xavier, Miami, Dayton....), it always has great competition.  Due to politics, a hard course, and a worry to loose to smaller schools, these teams choose to not come.  The main reason, so I've heard, was because of the course.  The race has always been held at Ohio Wesleyans Delaware Golf Club.  Times are always slow, with a few big hills and the inevitable bad weather.  Teams get scared I guess.

This year though, the course is changing, for the first time in a long time.  It is being held at Cedarville University, a course we know really well.  It is also rumored that the teams that don't usually show up will show up this year.  

To me, it brings a little bit of the luster out of All-Ohio.  We have always prided ourselves for being true cross country runners, not afraid to run on challenging courses or in bad conditions.  Last year, we had a great race at All-Ohio, finishing 3rd, behind Ohio State and Malone.  I am not eluding that I am not as excited now, because I am really excited to race All-Ohio.  I know it will be fast and competitive and I want to see how everything shakes out.

All in all, I am sad to see All-Ohio change courses, because I had such a great experience there last year.  The history of Cedarvilles course does not compare to Ohio Wesleyans.  But, history always has to end somewhere and begin somewhere else.  It just so happens I am in the middle of it.      

My Week:        
Monday 9/20
AM: 7 miles (52:45).  Up to the Fire Tower and around the house.
PM: 11.5 miles (1:31:25).  Great trail run at the Forest with Reece and Keegan. Just like good ole times with those two in 2008. Last time it was us 3 on the trails was when we did the 40 miler in May. Climbed some good hills and found some smooth trail. So refreshing.

Tuesday 9/21
AM: 16 miles (1:45:59). 4 x 1200/800's on the flood wall.
1200 - 3:38 - 2:30 jog/39 rest
800 - 2:25 - 1:30 jog/1:42 rest
1200 - 3:36 - 2:30 jog/1:03 rest
800 - 2:27 - 1:30 jog/2:02 rest
1200 - 3:34 - 2:30 jog/1:08 rest
800 - 2:25 - 1:30 jog/1:55 rest
1200 - 3:33 - 2:30 jog/1:43 rest
800 - 2:21 - DONE

First time we got the legs rollin all year. We did these on the flood wall, flat, dry, and fast. Oh, but very windy. We ran out for the 1200's and back for the 800's. Like always, coming back for the 8's were right into the wind.

I stayed completely relaxed for the first two sets. My heart rate was only in the 140's. Started pushing harder for the last two, heart rate got up in the 170's. But who really cares about heart rate anyways? I was just checking it because it looked fun.

*The same groin that I hurt doing 20x400's my freshman year is feeling it a little again. Surprise, been running with this thing for the past 4 years.
PM: 3 miles (24:30).  Full moon night.  Headlamp down the road and back.

Wednesday 9/22
AM: 10 miles (1:10:56).  The entire team came to the morning run.  Everyone did the longer run of the two in the morning.
PM: 10 miles (1:18:00).  After class, Reece and I drove out to the forest and parked in the 125 parking lot.  We ran out and back on the main trail.  This is definitely one of my favorite sections of trail.  It has 5 very tough uphills and some very technical sections.  Plus, its simply beautiful.

Thursday 9/23
PM: 16 miles (1:55:00).  Met with Wysocki early and ran 10 miles before the team met at 4pm. Most of this was on the flood wall.  Ran 6 more with the team around town.

Friday 9/24
AM: 3.5 miles (26:00).
PM: 10.5 miles (1:09:30).  Mile + Villanova on track.
This has always been a good one for me. I will still always remember beating Erock for my first time Spring of my Sophomore year. I managed to drop a 43 last 300. That didn't quite happen today. Of course, during the spring workout of this, we do not do a mile before the Villanova.

So, a mile on the track to begin. This means a time for me to try to PR. Last year I went 4:26, getting slower each lap. This year, Reece led us out at 67, and Erock and I broke from the pack and got faster. He led the second lap, I took the 3rd lap, and we finished that last lap side by side. We ran the last 200 in 32 and finished with my new PR of 4:25. Excited, but there was still a 5k to be ran.

The Villanova was tough for me. I have my splits listed below and I never once broke 50 seconds. Last year, I started out with some 50's and ended my last 6 300's with 49's. I couldn't get going. Overall, the overall 5k was faster than it has ever been but my 100 meter jogs averaged about 4 or 5 seconds faster today. Looking back I should have been running my rests in 34-35 instead of 29-31. It's just was Erock was doing so I went along.

Happy about a PR in the mile and that after my two 55's in the 300's I was able to suck it up and run faster on the next one.

Mile - 4:25 (1st lap was 67)
600 meter jog
8 minutes of standing rest

200m - .30 : 100m jog - .30
300m - .51 : 100m jog - .29
300m - .50 : 100m jog - .30
300m - .51 : 100m jog - .31
300m - .51 : 100m jog - .29
300m - .53 : 100m jog - .31
300m - .53 : 100m jog - .30
300m - .55 : 100m jog - .30
300m - .52 : 100m jog - .29
300m - .55 : 100m jog - .30
300m - .52 : 100m jog - .29
300m - .54 : 100m jog - .29
300m - .54 : 100m jog - Done

Total time for Villanova (5k)- 17:07

Total time overall- 21:32  
Saturday 9/25
AM: 7.5 miles (56:00).  Took it easy for this day.  Two shorter runs.  This one was on the trails at the forest.  I parked off of Road #1 and went right up the Main Trail.  Went out past the Fire Tower and back.  
PM: 5 miles (36:19).  Ran up towards the Fire Tower.  I felt really good on this run.

Sunday 9/26
PM: 20 miles (2:30:05).  Long Run at Hangover.  Ran with Wysocki for the majority of this run.  Turned left past the watering hole on the Main Trail to Campsite #6.  Took the bridle trail behind the camp to Road #2.  Back up to Hangover and back to the car.  I added on 5 by myself from there.  Longest solo run this cross season.  

Total Miles:  120
Total Time:  14:36:31

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