Sunday, September 5, 2010

Good Times are Coming......

Good times are around the corner. Cross Country race season has now started (see below). The weather is also getting much more cooler, which means Fall is about here. Fall means good trail running at the Shawnee State Forest! I could not be any happier about that. Memories to be made and miles to be had......

Monday 8/30
AM: 6 miles (45:45). Woke up and ran up to the Fire Tower. A nice layer of fog was blanketing the Scioto County. Great sight up on the hill.
PM: 12 miles (1:17:30). 2 mile warm up and 4 mile cool down at the course for our 3 x 2 mile workout. This one went better than the first time we did it.
1. 9:58 (4:48, 5:10), 2 min. jog/2:38 rest.
2. 10:08 (4:50, 5:18), 2 min. jog/2:41 rest.
3. 10:12 (4:57, 5:15), DONE
This has been the 8th time, and last, doing this workout in the four year at Shawnee. It has always been one of my favorite and most successful workouts.

Tuesday 8/31
AM: 6 miles (43:30). Morning run with the team.
PM: 10 miles (1:10:30). Ran primarily with Erock for this entire run. It was hot out so we ran down by the river under the trees for a little while. Then we got up on the flood wall for the rest of our run. Its nice to get some grass running on a Tuesday, since it's the only day I have to run in town twice.

Wednesday 9/1
AM: 4 miles (30:00). Ran out and back on Crabtree-Cemetery.
PM: 13 miles (1:34:00). Most of this run was on Great Seal Trail. Reece and I met with Keegan at the Lick Run TH. After about 50 minutes on the trail we hoped onto the road for a little 2K at race pace. I went through at 6:02. Finished up the run on the trails.

Thursday 9/2
PM: 12 miles (1:25:00). Most of the guys did 45 minutes so they did the Cemetery loop. I cut down on Offnere to add miles on the flood wall.
PM: 3 miles (23:00). Night run, never fails. Turning off the headlamp and seeing the stars is relaxing.

Friday 9/3
AM: 4 miles (30:00). Early run by myself. Most of the guys will doing less at practice so I thought I'd get out early.
PM: 5 miles (37:00). Ran these on the flood wall. Afterwards, Jeremy, Reece, and I did barefoot form drills on the Alumni Green. We also did several simulated starts.

Saturday 9/4
AM: 12 miles (1:20:20). RACE DAY. DAYTON FLYER 5K. First cross race. I ran the 5K in 15:21, 9th place. I did a 7 mile cool down and 2 mile warm up.
PM: 3 miles (24:00). Reece and I ran headlamp-less on the trail behind the house in the dark. Smooth.

Sunday 9/5
19 miles (2:22:00). Parked at the #6 Trailhead. Started on the Connector Trail and turned right onto Conley's Run. Came out past the horse camp. Ran up to Pigeon Roost BT which brought be back to my car. I got some water and a gel and headed back onto the Connector Trail. Felt good all day. I was called a "Jungle Man" and people on horses said I lost my horse and forgot my clothe. It was great.

Total Miles: 109
Total Time: 13:02:35


The first race for the 2010 Bears finally arrived. The weather could not of been any better for this 5K. Going into the race, we knew that Dayton and Miami were going to be our biggest competitors. Morehead State was said to have some good runners too. My goal was simple: go out with whoever was in the lead and try to hold it. I did that.

I found myself, along with Matt Lemon and Chris Lemon (the Lemon twins) 5-6 seconds up on the field during the first mile. It was really bizarre brushing shoulders with two people that have 8k PR's a minute and a half faster than mine. And of course, with that last sentence, I was dropped after the first mile. Looking back, I could of probably ran a little faster and finished a little better in the race, but the main thing is that I had a goal and I did it.

(Getting out hard.)

So, after I was dropped a quarter of a mile after the mile mark, I tried to hold on. After the wooded section, still in 3rd place, a pack of Miami guys came by me, like 5 of them. Also, a IUPUI guy. I ran strong for the 3rd mile, passing two of the Miami guys, but at the finish, one Miami and Dayton runner passed me at the line. I ended up in 9th place, behind 3 Daytons, 4 Miami's, and 1 IUPUI. My time was 15:21.

(About 800 to go.)

(Galen with about 800 to go.)

(Linkous and Chuck)

(Blake on his way to a PR.)

(Reece, first time in the top 7.)

The team came rolling in. It was apparent as soon as I finished that we got thumped by Miami and Dayton, and that was the truth. Besides those two teams, we looked to have the most runners come in. Here was the order:

Galen Dills 15:31, 12th
Josh Linkous 15:44, 21st
Chuck Wentz 15:45, 22nd
Brad Liston 15:51, 21st
Blake Wysocki 15:54, 29th
Reece Brown 16:10, 45th
Adam Schroeder 16:11, 46th
Jeremy Anderson 16:16, 53rd
Eli Gerlach 16:24, 56th
Eric Holbrook 16:27, 59th
Justin Hornick 16:44
Jordan Selbee 16:47

Those were all of our runners that finished under 17 minutes, a good amount.

Even though we did not win the meet, or maybe some didn't run as fast as they liked (a lot of people ran fast though), it was a solid start. It is now time to get back to work, looking forward to Iona, at the famed Van Cortland Park. It will be nice running where the legends have once run. We are going to get stronger and stronger each meet........


Run On


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