Monday, September 13, 2010

Getting High....

If there is anyway a person can get a high from running, I have achieved it. No, this is not the "runners high" that I hear people talking about. Last night, I was literally sensing things to a new level. Sometimes after a long run I feel clumsy and "not all there." But last night after my 19 mile run, I was all there. Even my driving felt better. I was driving exactly the speed limit the entire way home and I don't even have cruise control. There have been drives home from the forest where I realize I am only going 40 mph on the high way! Also, the moon and stars looked like they were a few feet from me. It was a clear night, but still, they looked better than ever.

My mileage is getting high too. Last week was my third highest week of mileage ever. There were only two times I was over 115 during the spring. That fact, plus the two hard workouts make me feel accomplished. Here is what went down:

Monday 9/6
AM: 10 miles (1:15:00). Labor day, no school. That means I was able to get a longer morning run in. Ran the loop out in Brush Creek and felt a lot of comfort on the trails.
PM: 10 miles (1:11:30). Ran in town with the entire team. Everyone was excited.

Tuesday 9/7
AM: 6 miles (44:44). Morning run with the team. Added on a grassy mile afterward.
PM: 12 miles (1:17:00). 5K hard on the track followed by 3 x 1200 on flood wall. Different people led the first 8 laps, was suppose to be around 10:10 for the two mile. I led the 8th lap and we hit 10:10 exactly. Erock took the lead after that for two laps and then I got up from only to have Brad Liston pull up on my with a lap to go. We ended up going 63 for the last lap, finishing in 15:31. Last mile was about 4:46 last mile. Reeling. 1200's went 3:41, 3:36, 3:52. Great workout.

Wednesday 9/8
PM: 15 miles (1:57:00). Mid week long run. Trails with Wysocki and Reece. We parked at the Main Trail intersection on road #14. This was a great place to park, especially when the creek has water in it. We went up the side of the trail with Big Bear Hill and turned left onto Silver Arrow BT. We got water at Camp Oyo and went back on the Main Trail. It was nice having water in a couple spots. I added on 30 more minutes by myself.

Thursday 9/9
PM: 11 miles (1:23:40). Got to run trails at the Forest for the second day in a row. This time it was Schroeder, Reece, and me, we parked at Camp Oyo. We ran to the water down by Pond Lick Pond and headed back. I came back 6 minutes faster after starting out slow.
PM: 4 miles (29:00). Headlamp down the road and back.

Friday 9/10
AM: 3 miles (23:00).
PM: 11 miles (1:14:00). 2 Mile Warm Up, 5k Time Trial, 3 x 3 minutes hard with 60 sec. jog., 1 x 2 minutes hard, 4 Mile Cool Down.

Saturday 9/11
AM: 7 miles (51:30). Ran up to the Fire Tower and some more on Crabtree-Cemetery.
PM: 7 miles (51:00). Dark

Sunday 9/12
PM: 19 miles (2:15:22). It's been a while since I have ran a long run in town and not on trails. We ran the dirt paths behind b-dubs, out 42 minutes and back. I was 1:25:00 for the 12 miles. Corey graciously ran 4 extra miles with me on the flood wall and I added a few more miles on the turf barefoot. So, only about 4 or 5 miles of this was on pavement. That was the only way I was going long in town. Felt extremely good and "floaty."

Run On my friends.


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