Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Time

Last week as I was discovering my fitness, I realized that I wanted to race soon. Erock told me about a 4 mile elite race called the Hydes Park Park on Saturday night. I planned on doing that but late in the week I decided to drive home and visit with the family for a few days. Anytime I get a chance to come home, away from work or races, I will take it. The Hydes Park Blast race seemed like a good one after seeing the results they must have changed it to a 5k, and the times were very competitive. Anyhow, my first race of the summer will be this coming Saturday in Jackson. I have ran this race for the past 3 years and it is always a good time. Last year Josh Linkous edged me out for first by .4 seconds. This year, it will be just as competitive.

Since my training is picking up and I am feeling very good about everything, I am going to start posting my weekly training log. It will give me a good chance to sort things out and see what I did in a bigger view. Here was last week.

Monday 6/21
AM: 8 miles at Hangover with Eric. Some of the hardest rain we have both ran in. 58:26
PM: 6 miles to Fire Tower with Corey. 42:30

Tuesday 6/22
14 miles in 1:45:00. Two loops around the main trail at Reece's and added on up to the Fire Tower.

Wednesday 6/23
14 miles in 1:42:00. Met Keegan at Great Seal and had a great run with him on some of the best groomed trails I have ran on in the summer. Had a good conversation going the entire run. Felt great on the hills

Thursday 6/24
13 miles in 1:30:00. Only road run of the week. I like to get out and run fast every once in a while. But, I like it to be mostly on back roads or dirt roads. And this is what it was. Nice climbs and I was able to get a few mile splits from the mile markers. Kept a few under 7 minutes.

Friday 6/25
AM: 8 miles in 1:00:00. I like to run twice a day whenever I drive home. This was up to the Fire Tower and around.
PM: 8 miles in 58:30. Back home for another hour.

Saturday 6/26
10 miles in 1:11:00. Home in Meigs County running on the familiar gravel roads.

Sunday 6/27
16 miles in 2:00:30. On my way home I stopped at Strouds Run and got two hours in. The trails were sort of overgrown in sections and cobwebs were everywhere! Luckily, my last hour was cobweb free since I went out and back and I had already cleared them! I felt great all the way through the two hours.

Total Miles: 97
Total Time: 11:47:26

Over the 10 hour per week range for the third consecutive week. Here soon I will be over 12 hours and even 13 and 14 later in the summer. All in all, as I gain mileage, I am gaining a lot of confidence. Enjoying every run and every step and I look forward to racing and more miles this coming week!


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