Friday, June 25, 2010

Gone, Gone, Gone

Once again, it has been a mere two weeks since my last post. Many thoughts have been floating around in my head but I can never come up with anything to write about. Even now, I do not have anything interesting to write about, I am just in front of a computer and feel like it has been too long in between posts. Nothing is new. No major trips. No races. No injuries. I am just plugging along, beating the heat, but most of all, enjoying every step of every run.

When I last posted, I was in the middle of my first week at 90 miles for the summer. I ended up doing 91 that week. The week after I also did 91 miles. This week, I am planning on hitting 95 or so. It is definitely nice to have no set plans. Running on roads is an uncommon thing, and if I do, it is only to get to a trail or a gravel road of such. Gravel roads are my choice if I do end up running on a road. Hangover has been visited 2 or sometimes 3 times a week. There really is no better place to train for cross country then out there. I run on trails the other days, either at Shawnee State Forest or out in Brush Creek.

Two weekends from now, I plan on heading down to Virginia to meet up with Eric Grossman and some of his friends, to run what he is calling Back to Back Hurricanes. Basically, we are running 26.2 miles on Friday and again on Saturday. This will be a test for me, as I will learn how my body holds up to back to back days of longer runs. I believe the longest back to back days for me is probably 21 and 17 or something like that (excluding the 40 and 9 that I did in May). My long runs this summer have been 16 miles, a couple times a week and they have felt very smooth.

Summer is Great! And it is almost over!


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  1. for the record... too many significant digits on the distance for Back to Back Hurricanes. Welcome to the ultra scene!