Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Winter/Spring Training in Review

This has been my best season yet as a college runner. The experiences and races that I went through produced a lot of good memories that will last a lifetime. I ended the season last Friday at the Jesse Owens Classic. I had hopes of running a big PR but that didn't happen. It was an overall "slow" day, with the faster heats not running as fast as normal. In my race, we went out too fast. The first mile was 4:39. That was fast! I ended up running 15:13 and finishing 3rd in my heat. I wanted something better to end the year on, but I fought hard in the race and still ran my third fastest 5k.

The past several days, since Jesse Owens, have been my "off days." I have only ran 3-5 miles each day, at a pretty relaxed pace. Yesterday I ended up running 9 miles though. I also bikes an hour yesterday. The main thing for me is to keep my fitness level fairly high and not take any days completely off from running. It feels pretty good to be a little more free with running.

So, from December 7th, till now, here is what I have ran:

Week 1 (12/7-12/13): 50 miles
Week 2 (12/14-12/20): 62 miles
Week 3 (12/21-12/27): 74 miles
Week 4 (12/28-1/3): 80 miles - Week in North Carolina. Won Frozen Sasquatch 25k in 2:07:25
Week 5 (1/4-1/10): 88.5 miles
Week 6 (1/11-1/17): 95 miles - PR'd in the 5k at Cedarville indoor with a 15:27, won.
Week 7 (1/18-1/24): 102 miles
Week 8 (1/25-1/31): 106 miles
Week 9 (2/1-2/7): 100 miles - Won Lovin' the Hills 15 miler in 2:03:41
Week 10 (2/8-2/14): 102 miles
Week 11 (2/15-2/21): 104 miles - PR'd in the 5k at Kent St. Indoor with a 15:18
Week 12 (2/22-2/28): 108 miles
Week 13 (3/1-3/7): 117 miles
Week 14 (3/8-3/14): 120 miles - Spring Break in Boulder, CO
Week 15 (3/15-3/21): 114 miles - PR'd in the 5k at UNC Charlotte Outdoor with a 15:00.2
Week 16 (3/22-3/28): 104 miles
Week 17 (3/29-4/4): 95 miles - PR'd in 10k at Duke Invite with a 31:11, 4th place
Week 18 (4/5-4/11): 95 miles
Week 19 (4/12-4/18): 95 miles - EKU 1500, 4:07
Week 20 (4/19-4/25): 95 miles - Bear Run 5k, 15:04, won
Week 21 (4/26-5/2): 67 miles - Jesse Owens Classic 5k, 15:13

Total Miles = 1,755

So, that is how things went down. No days off, no injuries, and "variety consistency."

I can't wait till this Saturday. Keegan, Reece, and myself are running the 40 mile loop at Shawnee State Forest. This should be one of the best experiences in my young life! More on that after it happens.


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