Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pictures from Early Spring

(From the top of Copperhead Fire Tower in Shawnee State Forest, looking over the "Little Smokies.")

(One of the first trail runs that was shirtless in 2010. Loving the warmer weather!)

(Following this creek as I drove up Upper Twin Creek Road earlier this Spring.)

(One of the better meals Reece and I created. Leftover chicken breasts sliced on top of some ciabatta bread with onions, cheese, and Tabasco sauce! Yumm.)

(Enjoying the meal with a glass of Jasmin Tea.)

(Reece doing the same.)

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  1. I love the attitude you guys bring to running. I'm planning a no cost, no frills, 2-day running event over here in VA. Why don't you guys come out? It's July 9-10. Shoot me your e-mail addresses. Mine is And most of all -- carry on!