Thursday, April 15, 2010

Nowhere Else I'd Rather Be

Through the excitement and final exams that come with the end of a school year, plus the important track meets, Wednesday I stood by Turkey Creek thinking "there is nowhere else I'd rather be right now." Based on the less frequent blog posts in the past few weeks, one could tell that I have been very busy. A couple weeks ago, I made a list of everything I had due from that point till the end of the semester. The list started out with 25 assignments/tests and now is only down to 13. Four of those are finals, 2 more end of the year tests, 3 presentations, and a couple of other assignments. I thought I was going to be pressed for time with everything, but with a great weekend of studying and work, I feel confident in my ability to get everything finished in a sufficient manner. Today, I have finally found time to post something new!
Since my last post, I have only ran one meet, which was a few nights ago at Eastern Kentucky. I ran the 1500 for the first time in my life and posted a time of 4:07, which technically speaking is a PR. So that means I am 7 for 7 in racing for PR's this year! It was weird only being in a race for 4 minutes and after I finished it felt like I had not even ran. I was happy to go on a nice longer than normal cool down.

(Me trying to be fast)

Running in general has been going well. The past 2 weeks I hit 95 miles exactly and this week I am at 95 miles again, pending the night run I do later. I will end up around 100 or so. Mainly, I have enjoyed running trails and have spent more time out there than normal. Two days after the Duke 10k I did a 1hr 40min. run on a great section of the orange trail. That next week, I ran trails on Wednesday and Thursday, one of those being on the trails in Kentucky. The past week I ran out at the forest twice, enjoying two hours on the orange trail yesterday. During the past two weeks, I also ran a 2hr 30min run back in Meigs County. It has all been enjoyable and I have looked forward to each of my runs as school is consuming more and more of my time.

There is no greater feeling then being in the middle of the forest, with new trees in bloom and a cool breeze blowing through my hair. Everything is green and I can feel a sense of rebirth with mother nature and in my legs. I am all alone in these moments and I can hear nothing but the branches swaying as I try to control my excitement. I just want to run as fast as I can, to Run Free! I contemplate the thought of running for hours and hours, but limit myself to only two. Work still has to be done on the track first. Only time will allow me to be able to unleash these emotions. Time will come!



  1. mike, you are really running well! Making Shawnee Alumni proud!

  2. Thanks John, Erock told me "you're not a Bear until you win the Bear Run." So, it was nice to get the win.