Monday, March 15, 2010

The Week in Boulder

Monday: 3/8
#1: 7 Miles (:52)
After my first run at altitude the day before, it felt nice to get up and a little loose. Ran this around campus and a few miles barefoot on Kitt Field. Met and ran with Kraig.
#2: 8 Miles (1:25) Green Mt.
First time running up a "real" hill. Met with Jeff Valliere. He showed me the way up Amp, Saddle Rock, to Greenman. (:40) Bought and wore YaxTrax for the first time.

Tuesday: 3/9
#1: 7 Miles (52:30)
Ran over to Kitt and did some barefoot again. Lungs were feeling a little different this day. Shirtless freedom for the first time in a few months.
#2: 12 Miles (1:45) Green Mt
Met Jeff again and ran up Green via Gregory to Ranger. Felt a lot better this time.

Wednesday: 3/10
#1: 15 Miles (2:00:40) Mesa Trail
Went out and ran solo on the Mesa trail. I had heard this was a flat, more comparable to the Shawnee trails. It was a good run, on the way back I was cruising around 7:15 pace or so.
#2: 5 Miles (35:30)
Raining and then snowing in Boulder this afternoon run. Just explored around CU's campus a little.

Thursday: 3/11
#1: 18 Miles (3:25:00) Green/Bear/S. Boulder
Met up with Jeff and ran 3 peaks. This was the longest run time I have did at once. Distance was a bit of a slog; running through fresh snow and down ice the majority of the run. Was salaaming down fern as we made our way to Mesa. Ended the run with a faster pace, as I think our legs were happy to be... non-restricted.
#2: 7 Miles (53:30)
After having a longer trek in the morning, I decided to go do some barefoot on Kitt. This was the most "in-tune" and in tact I have ever felt with my body. Great overall day.

Friday: 3/12
#1: 13 Miles (1:40) Green Mt.
Decided to give one last run up Green via Amp., Saddle, to Greenman. Was going really hard up it and at 31 minutes, ran into Anton Krupicka. Stopped and introduced myself to him and ran back with him. Really nice meeting him and talking a little.
#2: 3 Miles (22) Somewhere in Kansas
Stopped in Salina after about 9 hours in the car, ran a few along a bike path.

Saturday: 3/13
9 Miles (1:05)
Got back to the house around 5:30 pm and ran some around the house. Reece ran a few with me on the trails behind the house.

Sunday: 3/14
16 Miles (1:53:00) Portsmouth Streets
Met some of the guys in town at 4:30 and ran 8 with them. I tacked on 8 by myself after that. Felt a little tight, because of the 24+ hours couped up in my car. Made me want to be back in Colorado after being on roads the entire time. Soon enough.......

Total Miles: 120
Total Time: 16:33:20
Vertical: A lot more than Ohio!

Above is pretty much the main reason I traveled to Colorado. After the fact, I am wishing I could of got down to Colorado Springs to run some trails, but I didn't know where I was going half the time. I was in a good situation staying at the Hostel and running with people daily. The trip was a life changer and will have an impact on my future for sure. Add to the altitude change in the week of running, I also ran the most amount of miles in one week. I feel confident and strong, both mentally and physically. Now, spring break is over and I am recharged academically. Looking forward to a great last 6 weeks of school and continuing to Live the Dream and Run Free!

A few pictures of the trip will be up shortly......


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