Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pictures from Boulder

Here a the few pictures I did manage to capture during my spring break. I didn't bring my camera with me the majority of the time, because I was mainly running and don't like to carry anything while I run. The day I did run with it was the day I went to Green Mountain, S. Boulder peak, and Bear Peak.

^ This is a picture of Milford Lake right outside of Junction City, Kansas. I stopped here on Saturday, after 13 long hours of driving. I got 13 miles of running in around the lake and slept in the grass that you see in this picture. I was literally the only person at this area, as everything is closed until Spring. It was warm enough for shirtless running though. After 4 hours of being here, I hit the road again, heading to Boulder.

^ Here is a wind farm as I neared the end of Kansas. This is the ideal place to place a wind energy farm because on the way home through here, there were high wind alerts posted along the side of the road. Nothing but fields along Rt. 70 all through Kansas.

^ I arrived in Boulder Saturday night, after the sun had already gone down. I ended up sleeping in my car in Rite-Aid parking lot. This the view of the Flatirons heading West through Boulder

^ This is the first peak Jeff and I went up on, looking out over Boulder from Green Mountain. The rest of these pictures are from the day I brought my camera on the run (Thursday).

^ I am pretty sure the previous four pictures are from S. Boulder Peak. Jeff would have to confirm this though, as I can not remember for sure. The top is just over 8,500 ft.

^ These last four are from Bear mountain peak. The picture nearest, above, you can see Colorado University, all the buildings with a red roof. Awesome university and great college town overall.


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