Monday, March 1, 2010

February 2010 in Review

February, likely the last month of snow until next year. We curse it while it's here but in about 4 months we will be wishing for a snow day. As for me, I decided to take full advantage of the winter beauty. As the temperatures warm this week and the weekend snow melts away, I will be reflecting on my little barefoot trail runs and leg strengthening runs up the Fire Tower Hill. These types of runs will not happen again until next year, sadly enough. New things will come up though and different types of training will be made possible in the Spring weather and I am looking forward to that. Many people could of found excuses to not run as much, as I might of in the past, but my training continues to take flight and February turned into the best month yet:

414 Miles
50 hr 42 min
42 total runs
0 days off

Although I ran 430 miles in January, February was 3 days shorter, so that could have added about 45 miles. This month I lessened the single long runs and did a lot of double runs. Since I am not racing any longer races anytime soon, multiple 2 hour runs a week is not necessary. But, I probably had 4 to 5 two hour days counting both runs. All of this is not to even mention a nice PR in the 5k, 15:18, and a great race at Louisville Lovin' the Hills. I am looking forward to a couple of nice races on the track and hopefully to find a couple of trail races this Spring.


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