Friday, March 5, 2010

The Birds are Chirping

Spring time is here. The sun is out and the last of the snow is melting. This new season is producing a new inspiration for me and I am on a fresh course to do bigger and better achievements. Running has been nothing but great the last week. I had a great run on trails Wednesday that included a barefoot stint in a field Shane, Reece, and I came across. We also pushed our way up the biggest hill that we have found in the forest thus far, "Bear Hill." Yesterday, I celebrated my 21st birthday with 21 miles of running and today I ran relaxed and calm for a 26:12 5 mile on Spartan track. The last three days were 3 different types of running and that variety is making me strong and confident that will take on any task.

Other exciting things in my life is...... in a few hours, I am heading to Colorado for spring break. I am driving there alone and will be sleeping in a tent most of the time, maybe my car if it gets to cold. I am going to run some stellar trails and make it up a few high mountain peaks near Boulder. I am Colorado Bound!

Continue Running Free!


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